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The Podcast Babes Podcast

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8 months and 56 episodes into this journey, I am awed by the support I’ve received since launching The Podcast Babes podcast. Thank you for listening. I appreciate you so much for being here and listening to me and my guests share our knowledge. It brings me so much joy to connect with listeners and […]

What I Learned In Season 3 Of The Podcast Babes Podcast

podcast advice

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You spend hours researching, recording, editing, and publishing every single podcast episode you create. Your audience loves your content, but wouldn’t it be nice to reach even more people with your message? One podcast episode can create content that can be used across multiple different channels, keeping your audience filled with engaging content while finding […]

Increasing Visibility By Repurposing Podcast Content with Venese Lau

Grow your podcast

Is Clubhouse the future or the end of podcasting? Does it have a role in podcasting at all? The app that exploded onto the social media scene in 2020 has left a lot of people questioning where it fits into podcasting and if it will ultimately be beneficial or harmful to the industry. My guest […]

Clubhouse For Podcasters with Laura Bauder

Laura Bauder

Podcast strategy

If the number of downloads doesn’t indicate the success of a podcast, how can we measure our podcast growth? How do you know if all of the energy and time you’ve put into your podcast is worth it if you don’t have the stats to prove it? In yesterday’s episode, Serena Dodd showed us how […]

How To Measure And Accelerate Your Podcast Growth

How to measure and accelerate your podcast growth

Grow your podcast

The success of your podcast doesn’t depend on the number of downloads you have. Podcasters focus so much on their stats and when the numbers aren’t where they want them to be, it can mean a quick slide into the podcast graveyard. This is really unfortunate because you can have a monetized podcast with only […]

Why The Numbers Don’t Matter In Podcasting And How To Keep Going with Serena Dodd

Serena Dodd

Grow your podcast

Have you ever stressed about how to record a podcast episode from anywhere other than your regular spot? Do you dream of becoming a digital nomad, releasing new episodes from a new city every month? If so, you need to check out today’s episode.  Debbie Arcangeles, host of The Offbeat Life podcast, is here to […]

Travel & Remote Podcasting with Debbie Arcangeles

Monetize your podcast

As promised, Pinterest badass Presh Rodgers is back! Last season, Presh gave us the inside scoop on using Pinterest to increase your podcast traffic. Even with all the incredible information she provided in that episode, we still had SO much more to talk about. Today, she’s back to take a deep dive into Pinterest ads. […]

Paid Pinterest Ads For Podcasters with Presh Rodgers

Presh Rodgers

Grow your podcast

I’ve been on Pinterest since the beginning of this podcast, but I wasn’t seeing the results that I wanted. I knew my pins had views, but it didn’t feel like I was getting any new listeners from the platform. So I was eager to find out if my efforts were better spent somewhere else. Presh […]

Pinterest For Podcasters with Presh Rodgers

Pinterest for podcasters with Presh Rodgers

Podcast strategy

If the PR strategy for your podcast consists of social media posts whenever a new episode is released, it’s not going to be enough if you want to grow your show. To really increase the number of listeners you have, you’re going to have to be more creative than that. Like when Sydney Weiss, my […]

PR For Podcasters

PR for podcasters

Grow your podcast

How awesome would it be to win an award for your podcast?  Sydney Weiss is a lawyer and award-winning podcaster who is joining me because I had to ask her, how did she win an award for her podcast? Her answer shocked me and I bet it’ll be a surprise to you, too. The best […]

Award Winning Podcaster Sydney Weiss

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