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I was always the girl who said ‘I heard such an inspiring podcast about…’.

When I took an online course and realized that people actually work as podcast managers, I was sold! I learned everything I could find about podcasting.

Podcasting is fun! I wanted to learn everything there is to know about it.

In 2018 I finished my Law degree and my MBA. And I had no idea what to do with it. I didn’t want to spend 80 hours per week working a corporate job. I felt lost and I had no idea what to do with my life. So I left my home country to travel the world and figure out what I wanted to do on the way (I’m such a millennial!).

After backpacking in South East Asia and working crappy jobs in Australia, I knew there had to be a more sustainable solution to be able to travel and make money. It was time to start that online biz I dreamt about for years... And my dream came true! I travel the world while running my business from my laptop.

I'm living the dream!

I couldn't find a job where I could use all my skills, talent, and creativity. So I decided to create my own perfect job.
Now, I use my MBA to create podcast strategies. I use my creativity in audio editing. I use my love for writing when I write shownotes. And I end work days at the beach, because I can work from Bali or anywhere else in the world.

I help podcasters to use their podcast in a strategic way in their business, so they have leads coming in continuously and make passive income, without overwhelm or exhaustion.

Work & Travel


I help podcasters use their podcast strategically and increase their impact.
Best job ever!


Left my home country to travel the world for 2 years (and counting).


Got my MBA and didn't know what to do with it. Not excited about a corporate job at all.

Started my business under the name 'AC Podcast Services'.


Finished Law School, determined to work for a big international law firm.


Went to university in a different city and started a whole new life.


Wanted to become a journalist. I loved writing and wanted to make an impact.

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My name is Melissa, a native New Yorker with almost ten years of remote work experience.

I started off doing very small administrative tasks to help pay for my school textbooks and I never thought I would make an amazing and viable career in social media and content creation. I love it! Working in the creative field has given me great joy and it has been a pleasure to share it with awesome people right from my laptop.

You will often see me clicking away on my computer, with my headphones on listening to great music, and drinking strong coffee. Travel is also a key passion in my life as well as being immersed in books and learning new things.

Family, friends, good food, and beautiful creations rule my life and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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