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Podcasts are a LOT of work. But they don't have to be. You can record your episode and let us handle the rest. Easy and efficient!

Your time is too valuable to spend hours editing your podcast.

Podcast management

— brandi

"If you’ve ever wondered how you could possibly do all that you do as a business owner AND manage creating a podcast, The Podcast Babes is the answer."

Podcasting has a lot of moving parts. I know, it's a lot! But your podcast has huge potential to bring leads into your business continuously, sell out your offers and make an impact on people's lives. It would be such a shame to not use it up to its potential. 

It's hard to do all this alone. The good news is: you don't have to! I want to help you define a super clear growth plan for your podcast, so you reach the right people, make an impact, while also making a profit.

what if i told you that you don't have to do it alone anymore?

Podcasting is fun, but it's a lot of work... 

not worrying about any of the back-end stuff

using your podcast as an extra income stream

confident in your next episodes

Overworked & hustling 

not monetizing your podcast

Burnt out, stuck & unmotivated


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Podcasting has a lot of moving parts. You need to think about content for your episodes, recording, editing, write show notes, schedule the episode, promote it on social media. And then start all over again for the next episode....

Not anymore! The Podcast Babes will take over and take care of all the back-end work AND MORE, because we also make sure all the promotional assets for every episodes are scheduled and ready to go.

You will finally have time to focus on your podcast- (and business) growth, because we will take care of the whole podcast production process. No more endless running around to release that next episode in time. Instead, you can spend more time on sales, record more episodes, or read a good book!

This is not your average dfy podcast production service

Short answer: we treat every client like our only client.

That means that we ask for feedback regularly, we will ask you to schedule a catch-up Zoom meeting every month, and we'll give you podcasting tips when you need them.

If anything comes up during our time working together, you send me an email and we'll figure it out together.

What makes us different:

* Pricing starts at 497USD/month.

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"she's helped my podcast and my business so much!"

"Working with The Podcast Babes the last couple of months has transformed the way I show up for my business. Anne has saved me so much time and her attention to detail has allowed me to trust someone else with my podcast, which was huge for me. I would highly recommend working with her, she's helped my podcast and my business so much!"
 - Cait Pearson, She's Hungry.

"you gave me much needed clarity"

"I wasn’t sure how to merge my business with my podcast and you gave me much needed clarity. I am super grateful for your tips on how to utilize my podcast to stand out in my business. I am ready to start staying consistent too!!!" - Karla, Live Well Be Bold

"your podcast will be in great hands."

“Anne is a wonderful podcast editor & manager to work with. Her personality is so warm & friendly, and she gets the work done quickly and with no complications. I can't recommend her enough - your podcast will be in great hands.” 
- Claire Gosteli, Guavabean

"I doubled my previous downloads" 

"Anne helped me to revitalize my podcast by turning old episodes into blogs. This gave them purpose again and were relaunched, in doing so I doubled my previous downloads and was able to use the blogs to share on Pinterest and LinkedIn which has increased my website traffic. Anne and her team had a quick turnaround, was very thorough on the blogs and it was really neat to see the themes they pulled out of the episodes. I will certainly continue to use Anne's services!! Thank you !!!" - Tia, Unscripted Conversations.

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We try to keep this as simple as possible. You record the episode and upload the audio file to our shared Google Drive folder. We go in and work our magic. A few days later, we upload all assets we create to the same folder, so you can easily repurpose the content later on.

No problem! We'll send you an invite every month, but it's totally up to you if you want a meeting or not. Some clients skip meetings when they're launching a new offer, are on vacation, etc.

Newsletters, reels, TikToks, quote graphics, Linkedin posts, etc. Please book a discovery call and I will give you an overview of everything we can do to make podcast promotion as easy and hands-off as possible.

How do we work together?

What kind of marketing assets can you create for my podcast?

I don't have time for a meeting every month

your questions answered:

— asha gabriel, meet bridget

"She adds her expert opinion and suggestions, based on what she has taken the time to deeply understand about our mission and brand voice. "

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