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I couldn't find a job where I could use all my skills, talent, and creativity. So I decided to create my own perfect job.

Now, I use my MBA to create podcast strategies. I use my creativity in audio editing. I use my love for writing when I write shownotes. And I end work days at the beach, because I can work from Bali or anywhere else in the world.

I help podcasters to use their podcast in a strategic way in their business, so they have leads coming in continuously and make passive income, without overwhelm or exhaustion.

Hi! I'm Anne,
CEO of The Podcast Babes.


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"The Podcast Babes truly allowed me to reclaim headspace to focus on what I love most. "

"They understood the show tone of voice quickly and really helped to optimize for SEO on the website with shownotes to create further opportunities for monetization and quality leads. I trust them completely to help manage the show with quality, care, and dedication."
- Christine Lieu, Brand Party Podcast

"she's helped my podcast and my business so much!"

"Working with The Podcast Babes the last couple of months has transformed the way I show up for my business. Anne has saved me so much time and her attention to detail has allowed me to trust someone else with my podcast, which was huge for me. I would highly recommend working with her, she's helped my podcast and my business so much!"
 - Cait Pearson, She's Hungry.

"We love Anne and couldn’t say enough good things about her!"

“Anne is an absolute delight to work with—she takes feedback professionally and seriously and in addition to her excellent management work, she goes above and beyond to add extra value to what we are doing. She adds her expert opinion and suggestions, based on what she has taken the time to deeply understand about our mission and brand voice.” 
- Asha Gabriel, Meet Bridget

"Anne works magic and gives her clients the information and resources they need to succeed and grow so generously. A rare find these days!" 

"Anne answers all of my questions quickly and takes the time to guide me through any difficulties I have.

And, as far as production, Anne does such an excellent job editing! I am sure I create extra work for her with my 5 dogs in the background and she always seems to make the audio fantastic!" 

- Wendy Charles Maguire, Second Wind

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