Streamline Your Podcast Journey From Launch and Beyond with Jessica Osborn

Starting a podcast is like stepping into a world of endless possibilities, where every episode is a chance to connect, inspire, and entertain. But amidst the excitement and boundless opportunities, the podcasting journey can be challenging, especially when it comes to maintaining consistency, managing your time effectively, and avoiding the dreaded burnout that lurks around every corner. 

In today’s episode, we’re thrilled to have Jessica Osborn, an online business strategist, marketing coach, and host of “She’s the Business” podcast. With years of experience under her belt, she’s here to share her wisdom on how to streamline your podcast journey from launch and beyond. Say goodbye to the chaos and hello to consistency, as she shares invaluable tips to keep your audience hooked episode after episode. Let’s dive in!

In this episode

[01:34] What inspired Jessica to launch her own podcast? 

[06:42] Jessica reveals how bringing a Podcast Manager onboard simplified the process of launching her show.

[10:46] Jessica emphasizes the importance of getting content out there even if it’s not perfect. 

[14:44] Scaling back from two episodes a week to one, helped Jessica find her balance and avoid burnout. 

[16:23] To maintain a steady stream of content without sacrificing quality, Jessica adopts a proactive approach by recording episodes months in advance. 

[17:21] To ensure each episode delivers value, Jessica implemented a guest application process. With a keen eye for alignment, she carefully vets potential guests, ensuring they resonate with her audience. 

[20:29] Jessica’s podcast has become a powerful tool for attracting clients and building trust, with many individuals citing it as their initial point of connection when seeking to work with her. 

Jessica’s tips for aspiring podcasters.

About Jessica Osborn

Jessica Osborn is an online business strategist and marketing coach, host of She’s The Business Podcast, published co-author, and travel-obsessed mum of 2!

She has over 25 years of experience building brands, including two of her own since 2010! 

Jessica specializes in marketing strategy for high ticket services – helping other female coaches reach multiple 6-figure years in less than 20 hours a week without big advertising budgets or time-consuming cold sales – so they can enjoy more time for family and life!

She’s incredibly passionate about changing our perspective on work and success, proving it’s possible to prioritize family life and be highly successful in business – without burning yourself to the ground.

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