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The Podcast Babes Podcast

Welcome to

8 months and 56 episodes into this journey, I am awed by the support I’ve received since launching The Podcast Babes podcast. Thank you for listening. I appreciate you so much for being here and listening to me and my guests share our knowledge. It brings me so much joy to connect with listeners and […]

What I Learned In Season 3 Of The Podcast Babes Podcast

podcast advice

Grow your podcast

As a podcaster, you know how many moving parts there are when creating a podcast and how many hours it takes to make it all come together. While you love creating quality content that your audience enjoys, you also don’t want to do extra work when you don’t have to. On yesterday’s episode, Venese Lau […]

Productivity Hacks For Podcasters

Productivity Hacks For Podcasters

Podcast strategy

Is your goal to have a successful podcast? Do you want to grow your podcast listener base and keep them around for a long time? Do you ultimately want your podcast to be profitable? Then first you must map out your podcast listener journey.  If you aren’t sure what a listener journey is, why you […]

Why And How You Should Map Out Your Podcast Listener Journey

Podcast strategy

One of the biggest frustrations I see with podcasters is not really knowing their listeners. Gaining insight from listeners is challenging but it is invaluable when it comes to creating content they actually want to hear and forming a meaningful connection with them.  Today, I’m talking about three easy strategies to get to know your […]

3 Strategies To Get To Know Your Podcast Listeners

Get to know your podcast listeners

Podcast strategy

Is Clubhouse the future or the end of podcasting? Does it have a role in podcasting at all? The app that exploded onto the social media scene in 2020 has left a lot of people questioning where it fits into podcasting and if it will ultimately be beneficial or harmful to the industry. My guest […]

Clubhouse For Podcasters with Laura Bauder

Laura Bauder

Podcast strategy

Since the pandemic started, we have seen massive growth in podcasting. This growth has led to several new trends that are creating exciting opportunities for podcasters. In yesterday’s episode, Debbie Arcangeles showed us just how easy it is to podcast remotely, which became a new trend in 2020 due to worldwide lockdowns. Today, I’m talking […]

Podcast Trends in 2021

2021 Podcast Trends

Podcast strategy

Are you guilty of making one of the three most common mistakes in podcasting? I see podcasters making these mistakes over and over again but you don’t have to be one of them! After interviewing Pinterest badass Presh Rodgers yesterday and learning about the rookie mistakes I’m making with my Pinterest strategy, I want to […]

3 Common Mistakes Podcasters Make

Common mistakes podcasters make

Podcast strategy

If your podcast promotion strategy consists of a single post announcing your new episode, you’re not going to see much ROI for all of the energy you’ve put into creating that new episode.  As a Podcast Strategist, my goal is to get my clients the most impact possible from their podcast. To do this effectively, […]

Long-Term vs Short-Term Podcast Strategy

Podcast Strategy

Podcast strategy

If you’ve been in the online business space for any amount of time, you’ve seen the 10k month message. I don’t know when or why this became the benchmark of success for an online business owner, but I have started to see a backlash to these arbitrary goals of success and people looking for more […]

Ethical Podcasting with Amie Finlayson

Ethical Podcasting with Amie Finlayson

Podcast strategy

Yesterday’s interview with Presh Rodgers is one of my absolute favorites because it was chock-full of so many amazing tips on how to optimize your Pinterest account to get more listeners for your podcast.  If you haven’t already listened to that episode, grab a pen and some paper and do that first. Then come back […]

Why Pinterest Should Be Your Long-Term Podcast Strategy

Long-term podcast strategy

Podcast strategy