How To Find New Content Topics After 100+ Episodes

When you first start podcasting, you can easily come up with topics for your podcast, but after releasing hundreds of episodes, you’ll start to ask:

What the heck am I going to talk about next?

In today’s episode I will share a few ways to come up with new topics to talk about on your podcast fast so that you don’t have to stare at a blank page or waste your time thinking about your next content.

My Main Trick For Coming Up With New Topics

Spending 3-4 hours, or even a day, thinking about your next topic is not a joke; this could be the reason you podfade. To avoid this, my main trick when coming up with new podcast episodes with new content ideas is to look through transcripts of interviews or listen to an interview that I did and see what kind of topics we discussed.

All of these topics can also be covered in a solo episode in which I simply share my tips and share a little bit more about my experience, and in which I usually refer back to the interview episode that I based on. So if you talk about a topic that you  previously talked about in a podcast and another episode and an interview, definitely refer back to that one,  add a link in your show notes.

Ways To Come Up With New Content

Whether you release a new podcast episode every week or once a month, coming up with consistently high-quality episode ideas can feel overwhelming. Here are some ideas for coming up with content for your next podcast episode without feeling overwhelmed:

Go through previous content and see if there’s something you can talk about

I just went through the previous content and I’m just gonna see. Is there a gap here? Is there something that came up and I didn’t discuss further in that episode or maybe there is something I can add?

It’s good to have a common theme in your content, and you can still talk about the same thing but then phrase it differently. I have been talking about podcast monetization a lot and I learned a lot of new things because I’m also experimenting with this, and here’s how you can do it.

Use a different example

Use a different angle

Use new experiences

Update your audience on what’s going on on your side

Talk about certain things that happened in the past few days or weeks or what has been going on with you just like news, not literally news but like an update about your journey because you can give meaningful lessons that you have learned so people can apply them.

Make an actual note of the questions that you get from your audience

People are just really interested in a certain topic for me. Most of the time, the question I receive from my audience is “how am I going to monetize the podcast?” What is usually the question that I get? I created a ton of content about that. Also, check out Facebook groups and see what questions come up all the time. Always keep an eye on podcasts and Facebook groups and see what people are struggling with. You can notify that person you asked and add a link about your episode.

Guests usually bring your topics

Let your guest talk because they are an expert on a certain topic and make sure you are interested in the topic. Let people talk about their expertise and ask follow-up questions. Once you have nothing else to ask and don’t know what else to talk about, you can ask your guest if there’s anything else they want to talk about on the podcast that your listeners can have a take away.