Instant Gratification Versus Long-Term Results Of Podcasting

Wouldn’t it be great to suddenly have hundreds or thousands of downloads?

Instant gratification is seen as the norm, reinforcing the notion that you must get what you want right away. However, instant gratification is not always the best option. The truth is that getting everything you want, much less even getting it immediately, is unrealistic, especially in podcasting.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have instant gratification; it will manifest itself in some ways. 

In today’s episode, I will show you the ways to get instant gratification from podcasting. What is the long-term result that you can expect, and how do we set our mindset to keep going.

Knowing this makes your podcasting journey more exciting so tune in now.

My Expectation Of Instant Gratification.

In the first few episodes, my expectations are so high that I can’t even meet them. “Good things will happen now that I’m a podcaster, and opportunities will come my way or I’ll get new clients, and I’ll build a network of awesome people in the industry”, But that did not occur, and I was very disappointed.

Right now instead of creating these unrealistic expectations, I changed my mindset to “I’m going to enjoy the process of creating this podcast so much that it’s going to be enough, and from that point, it brings instant gratification. My network starts to increase and I get to connect with different people. Therefore, you don’t have to create these huge expectations, enjoy what you are doing and the rest will follow.

Long-term Results In Podcasting.

Podcasting is more of a long-term endeavor. I’ve been podcasting for two years and have noticed that changing my mindset and simply enjoying creating content for my podcast has resulted in results that far exceeded my initial expectations.

As you are aware, I have two podcasts: Digital Nomads and The Podcast Babes. Digital Nomads serve as a vehicle for my creativity, and I experiment with it in order to gain experience and apply it for The Podcast Babes and the results are completely unexpected.

Here are the unexpected long-term results that I saw in my podcasts:

Several brands started to reach out that they wanted to sponsor the podcast.

I started doing some partnerships here and there and started to release more content because that gave me more content that I could use in my partnerships.

Since I made a partnership It made it easy to earn more money with the podcast because there was just more to sell.

My audience just organically grew. The first few months were slow so I did not get an instant gratification boost because of my download numbers, but as time went by, the numbers started to go up.

People just reach out, wanting to be on a podcast. I barely have anything to do for research or pitching to find guests because guests can find me now.

It is getting easier to find brand partnerships and increase revenue from podcasting.

My network grew enormously just from all the guests that I had to the listeners.