How To Stay Consistent In Your Podcast Without A Plan With Monica Allen

What are the things you need to have a successful podcast?

Do you need a perfectly edited audio file? High-quality recording equipment, an organized system, and a plan that will keep you on track to consistently releasing your episodes.

We believe consistency is key, and the key to being consistent is to keep showing and keep recording. Whatever topic you want to discuss, whatever experience or lesson you want to share, just record it because you don’t know what will resonate with your audience.

In today’s episode, we have invited Monica Allen, the host of Become Your Own Boss, and she will share her thoughts about her podcasting journey and the lessons she learned in her two and a half years of podcasting.

In This Episode

[01:13] Monica and her husband built their main business, called Zeus’ Closet, where they decorated apparel, embroidery, screen printing, direct to garment printing, and very complex artwork with their embroidery.

[02:19] Monica started her podcast in 2020 named “Stitched for Success.”

[02:44] After a year, Monica felt that the name didn’t resonate with the content that she wanted to talk about, which is helping people grow their businesses and be successful in business for the long term.

[04:06] For business in general, you have to be willing to change because, just like listeners, your customers are going to tell you things that they want and need or don’t need.

[04:23] Hearing the same pattern from a multiple number of people should be a sign that you should consider in your business.

[05:40] Monica realized she had no plan for her podcast and she was just finding the easiest possible ways to stay consistent.

[05:55] Anchor has kept the simplicity, and it works really well for her.

[06:49] Monica proves that even if you have no plans or backup, you can still be consistent.

[07:37] One thing she changed in her podcast is that she now started batch recording her interviews and hired an editor to keep up with her consistency.

[09:51] The reason for consistency in podcasting is you never know what will resonate with your audience, so you have to keep going.

[11:35] Everything is not always perfect therefore she gives grace for herself.

[13:19] She always makes sure to not over edit her podcast since you need to show your audience that you are human too.

[17:30] Monica didn’t find it hard to change her podcast name to“Become Your Own Boss Planner” because it resonates with what she really wants and it felt genuine for her.

[18:22] The biggest surprise in her podcasting journey was when someone reached out to her to do a podcast workshop for a group of students and when her clients listen to her podcast gives her another level of legitimacy.

[19:55] What to look forward to with Monica:

[20:05] Her fifth season is coming up with entrepreneurs that have made seven figures in their businesses.

[21:07] She’s going back to work on her “Be Your Own Boss Planner” towards the end of the year.

[21:53] Monica also started a new business with Trifecta where they have programs to help people build businesses like business strategy, marketing strategy, and social media strategy, all encompassed in one thing.

About Monica

Monica set out on her entrepreneurial journey in 2005, and now she is a serial entrepreneur owning several businesses. She’s a co-founder of Zeus’ Closet, stuff4GREEKS, and Deuce Equity Group with her husband and business partner. She operates as a sole proprietor of Monica Allen Interiors, and she loves hosting her podcast Become Your Own Boss that focuses on helping you launch, grow and scale your business while remaining the boss of the other important areas of your life. 

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