How To Create A Podcast That Is Freeing For Your Lifestyle with Skye Barbour

Is it possible to manage and have freedom with all the things that have to be done in podcasting from coming up with content, recording, editing, and all back-end stuff given your busy lifestyle and business?

You may think it’s impossible, but it’s true! Podcasting can give you freedom and be an asset to your business.

In this episode, we have invited Skye Barbour, the host of Full Freedom for Entrepreneurs. She will share what it takes to create more flexibility, more money, and more choice by stepping up as a visionary leader. If you’re ready to design your life and business in a way that gives you full freedom, this episode is for you.

In This Episode

[01:35] Skye is a strategist and her main business is a consulting-based business she has a start-up called HQ.

[03:53] Sky launched her podcast mid-JanuaryI suppose, to bring people into her world whereby  they could get a real sense of what it would be like to work with her and get some great value for free.

[04:46] Podcasters get caught up in downloads but what is more important than that is to listen to your podcast and be very proud of what you created.

[05:46] Podcasting gave Skye a whole momentum and people started understanding what she was doing which felt tangible for her and gave her confidence when sharing it.

[06:49] Her podcast gave her freedom in the sense that she created a system that does everything for her and all she has to do is to record.

[08:06] Podcasting brings more financial sales and financial freedom.

[08:37] Freedom is about systemization, creating structure, and creating consistency in a way that she doesn’t have to do everything all the time.

[08:53] To speak is a real freeing of expression that gives Skye a personal sense of freedom.

[11:37] Podcasts can be the best asset for your business.

[16:36] Getting new ears to the podcast is one of the hardest things.

[17:09] Thinking of content from a solo point of view is hard. You have to keep it fresh and relevant and try not to give everything away the whole time.

[19:37] It’s really important to know your audience more and always experiment to see what’s performing better.

[21:10] If you have no idea what to talk about, go to your Facebook group or Instagram DM’s to see what people ask and answer those questions on your episode.

About The Guest

Skye, a Business & Leadership Strategist, has played a pivotal part in helping ambitious entrepreneurs build multi-6, 7, and multi-7 figure businesses by halving their workloads whilst doubling their profits. Her strategic genius has helped clients reach Full Freedom by scaling quickly with less stress and more time to do what they love, through her CEO Behavioral Blindspots method she quickly sees the people dynamics required to build your Dream Team. Personally, Skye has started, run, and sold successful multi-million-pound businesses. She is an active farmer’s wife, mother of two small children, and successful business owner, and knows with the right foundations, success without sacrifice is possible for you too. 

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