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The Podcast Babes Podcast

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Since the pandemic started, we have seen massive growth in podcasting. This growth has led to several new trends that are creating exciting opportunities for podcasters. In yesterday’s episode, Debbie Arcangeles showed us just how easy it is to podcast remotely, which became a new trend in 2020 due to worldwide lockdowns. Today, I’m talking […]

Podcast Trends in 2021

2021 Podcast Trends

Podcast strategy

Have you ever stressed about how to record a podcast episode from anywhere other than your regular spot? Do you dream of becoming a digital nomad, releasing new episodes from a new city every month? If so, you need to check out today’s episode.  Debbie Arcangeles, host of The Offbeat Life podcast, is here to […]

Travel & Remote Podcasting with Debbie Arcangeles

Monetize your podcast

Are you guilty of making one of the three most common mistakes in podcasting? I see podcasters making these mistakes over and over again but you don’t have to be one of them! After interviewing Pinterest badass Presh Rodgers yesterday and learning about the rookie mistakes I’m making with my Pinterest strategy, I want to […]

3 Common Mistakes Podcasters Make

Common mistakes podcasters make

Podcast strategy

As promised, Pinterest badass Presh Rodgers is back! Last season, Presh gave us the inside scoop on using Pinterest to increase your podcast traffic. Even with all the incredible information she provided in that episode, we still had SO much more to talk about. Today, she’s back to take a deep dive into Pinterest ads. […]

Paid Pinterest Ads For Podcasters with Presh Rodgers

Presh Rodgers

Grow your podcast

If you have been listening to this podcast for any amount of time, you know the different ways to monetize your podcast and you know that selling your products or services on your podcast is often the most profitable way to do it. In yesterday’s episode, Lauren Smith of Master Your Mind, Business, and Life […]

How To Sell On Your Podcast

How to sell on your podcast

Monetize your podcast

Many business owners use their podcast as a marketing tool to increase brand exposure and find new clients. My guest today took a completely different route. When Lauren Smith launched her podcast three years ago, she had no idea how it would shift her business. In today’s episode, Lauren shares with us how her passion […]

How Lauren Built A Successful Business Around Her Podcast with Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith

Monetize your podcast

As a podcaster with a business, one thing that is really important to me is the profitability of my podcast. Yes, I love producing this podcast but I also have bills to pay. I have talked a lot about monetizing your podcast in previous episodes, but that doesn’t guarantee profitability. In today’s episode, I am […]

What Makes A Podcast Profitable?

profitable podcast

Monetize your podcast

As a business owner, I love my passive income streams. Once I set up my sales funnel, these products continue to create income for me without any extra work.  According to today’s guest, Rachael Taylor, everyone has a skill or knowledge that can be turned into a sellable product to generate passive income. If you […]

How To Build Passive Income From Your Podcast Content with Rachael Taylor

Rachael Taylor

Monetize your podcast

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is about monetizing podcasts. Some people are determined to find sponsorships while others are worried about turning their podcast into one big ad. Then there is another group who thinks that their audience is not big enough to monetize.  If you are trying to figure out […]

Affiliate Marketing For Podcasters

Affiliate Marketing For Podcasters

Monetize your podcast

Every podcaster is an influencer. As long as you have one listener, you have the power to influence your audience’s behavior and how they spend their money.   No doubt you have seen countless advice threads about how to grow and monetize that audience. On today’s episode, Jenny Melrose, an expert on becoming an influencer entrepreneur, […]

Every Podcaster Should Be An Influencer with Jenny Melrose

Every Podcaster Should Be An Influencer with Jenny Melrose

Monetize your podcast