Avoiding Legal Risks As a Creative Entrepreneur With Paige Hulse

How protected is your business? Should you trademark your business? Are you prepared if someone sues you? I’m thrilled to have a special guest with us to give us the 411 on safeguarding our creative businesses. 

Paige Hulse is an attorney based in the United States, but her expertise goes beyond borders as she works with international clients. She is the founder of Page Hulse Law, a renowned law firm, and also the creator of the Creative Law Shop, where she provides essential contract templates and legal resources specifically tailored for creative entrepreneurs like us, podcasters.

We’re going to delve into a topic that might not be the most exciting, but it’s undoubtedly crucial for all podcasters out there. We’ll be discussing common mistakes that podcasters often make and how you can protect yourself from potential lawsuits and risks that might come your way.

Paige promises to make this episode as informative and educational as possible, packed with valuable insights that will help you navigate the legal landscape of podcasting. So, let’s dive in!

In This Episode

[01:53] Paige tells us a little bit more about her work, which specializes in creative entrepreneurs.

[04:22] What do we need to know about the legal world?

[06:40] The heart-wrenching risks that arise from not doing legal due diligence in searching and trademarking a podcast name.

[10:05] “Talk to an attorney, a trademark, an intellectual property attorney specifically. At least get that process started.” – Paige

[15:46] Paige explains her take on the best practices for a guest release form. 

[23:36] Four legal mistakes podcasters often make without knowing it.

[24:29] Paige shares how she helps podcasters and creatives through her Creative Law Shop. She also talks about her law firm, Paige Hulse Law.

About The Guest

Paige Hulse is the founder and lead attorney of Paige Hulse Law, a law firm helping business owners build businesses that don’t just run successfully today, but endure tomorrow. She is also the owner of the Creative Law Shop. 

Her passion is not just helping her clients achieve success, but also find confidence in the legalities of their business so that they create something lasting. Paige is dedicated to providing small business owners with clarity and direction through trademarks, contracts, formations,  business succession planning, and estates.

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