The 3 Biggest Podcasting Challenges + How To Overcome Them

Challenges in podcasting are inevitable. If you’re prepared to continue through the challenges, there is a ton of value to be gained in podcasting. In today’s episode, we talk about the 3 biggest podcasting challenges and how to overcome them.

Podcasting Challenges

Podcasting, like any other industry, has challenges that must be overcome in order to grow an audience and have a profitable show. Let’s get into some of the most common issues that podcasters face. 

Pod fade

You start podcasting and after a few episodes, you take a break from releasing new content. After a while you forget about your podcast, and you accidentally never come back.

Your audience is not growing fast enough

You get demotivated because your audience is not growing at all. You feel like nobody is listening to your podcast.

You don’t monetize your podcast

If you don’t monetize a podcast, you’re not only leaving money on the table, but you’re also making it more difficult for yourself to keep producing content.

How To Overcome These Challenges

We hope that having the answers to your podcasting issues will let you fully embrace this amazing industry and express yourself without fear. Here are some ways to get through the challenges that might currently stand in your way:

Having clear expectations about starting a podcast is really important to avoid pod fade. Also, either batch recording or recording really well in advance is very helpful, so when you get busy you have some reserved episodes to produce.

It’s very normal to feel like your audience is not growing fast enough. Give yourself time. And a big tip: don’t go into full marketing mode before looking strategically at your content and your overall podcasting strategy. The foundation needs to be there before you start putting a lot of effort into marketing your show. For more tips on this, listen to this episode.

Maybe you feel like your audience is not big enough to monetize your podcast, but that is not true. I don’t know how many listeners you have for your podcast, but I guarantee you that there is a way to monetize your podcast. 

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Podcasting is fraught with difficulties. You must overcome obstacles in order to learn. Remember why you started your podcast and what motivates you to keep going and keep producing content. Podcasting is never perfect, just like life. Experiment, try new things, and don’t forget to look back on what you’ve already accomplished!

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