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Podcasting Made Easy Through Funnels & Automations

March 2, 2022

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If you have been in the online business space, then you probably have heard of funnels and automation. Both are like buzzwords right now, everyone is talking about it. And I will say that in my business and in my podcast workflow, I have found a few funnels and automation that have made my life so much easier as a podcaster and have made my workflow so much easier.

In this episode, I want to share with you how you can do the same, how you can make your workflow easier, and create a podcast easier by using some funnels and automation.


One automation or tool that you cannot miss if you do interviews on your podcast, is a scheduling tool. And Calendly is a scheduling tool that has saved me a lot of time, especially with meetings. It takes a lot of time and effort to email back and forth, and Calendly allows someone to book or schedule based on the availability they see. Also, you can put in questions for the guest for example. In the past, I ask questions at the end of the recording, and they tend to forget to email back and answer. With Calendly, there’s an area where you can put in the important questions for the episode. And it just makes preparing for the interview so much easier. So the first thing to absolutely automate is scheduling interviews.

Podcast As A Tool

I think one element of podcasting that a lot of podcasters don’t really think about when they start podcasting which is really important is, when you’re podcasting you’re just talking on a microphone and people listen to the episode. And you don’t really have a way to connect with your audience, it’s more one-sided. So if you can come up with a way to make it more interactive or to reach those people on a different channel, that can really do a lot for you as a podcaster. Look at your podcast as a tool to get your message out there. 

And one way to make it a communication and two sides is by asking for your listener’s email. That way, you get to know your listeners and that is very helpful for your data. You can ask questions, ask for information, sell a product, promote an episode, and launch a product. There are so many things you can do with an email address.

Active Campaign

Another funnel that I think every podcaster should at least consider is setting up an email list. There is a lot of different software to do this. I personally use Active Campaign. I would say check out what works for you. And one key tip that I want to give you is when you set this up, make sure that you have a welcome email that goes out. If it’s just a newsletter, just send out a welcome email then automate that. You can really talk to your audience, which is completely different from podcasting, where you just talk and they listen.

In the software, when someone signs up, you can then automate that. If you see that not many people are signing up for a newsletter, or if you want to give your newsletter a little boost, then working with a downloadable freebie works generally well. Something that your audience really wants can be a good way to grow an email list if that is a focus for you. That is one way you can expand the funnel.

And if you just want the basics, then just start with an email newsletter. You can send a newsletter every week, every two weeks, or even every month. You can give an overview of the episodes that came out, some extra information, anything interesting. What I also do in my newsletter is to share some interesting articles that I came across or videos or tips from other sources that I want to share.


There are other funnels and automation that you can use for your podcast. But these are the most basic ones. If you are selling something and you have a client journey or customer journey mapped out, then you can also see this as a funnel. A funnel doesn’t have to be fully automated but you can also send people from your podcast to your social media channel. This way, it can also serve as a funnel. You get to give more information about a product or service that you’re selling and they can decide if that is the perfect fit for them. They can buy from you or not buy from you.

My main tip is to think about the Call To Action that you use in your podcast because it works really well to send people to the right place. Instead of just asking for a review, lead your listeners to where you want them to go. Think about a very strong and clear call to action that leads into your funnel and a way that people can connect with you more. It’s all about creating more value for your listeners.

Explore what works for you. What’s important is this automation and funnels were made to help you, you just have to find the one that fits you best.

I have a gift for you. Do you ever feel like you’re spending too much time on your podcast? Sure. It’s fun, but it just takes you hours. I have definitely been there and I have a few tips for you. Click here to know more on how to join my Free Five Day Productivity For Podcasters Challenge. I promise you’re gonna love it!

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