How your podcast can help you build a network, with Lucy Liu

Often times people want to start a podcast to get clients. For Lucy, it wasn’t that. For her, what was important was actually the networking. She has clients who have listened to her podcast, and they feel connected to her, which makes it clear that she’s the right person to work with them. But that’s not her priority. 

Lucy’s priority is to serve whoever she’s attracted to, whether they become a client or not. Even if they don’t end up working with her, she still changed their lives or made their lives better. I had to ask Lucy how she builds that connection with her listeners and guests and how to make an actual impact with your podcast. Are you curious about her answers? Tune in to this episode of The Podcast Babes Podcast!

What we talk about in this episode:

[1:03] What does Lucy do exactly as a life coach?

[3:09] How does Lucy use her podcast in her mission to help other people live a life of fulfilment?

[7:10] Why did Lucy choose for a combination of interviews and solo episodes?

[10:58] Lucy’s number 1 tip for fellow podcasters.

[12:50] How to work smart on your podcast production?

[14:50] How to use your podcast for more than just finding new clients.

[16:20] Where to find guests for your podcast?

[21:44] How to find podcasts to be a guest on?

About Lucy

Lucy is a certified life coach, women empowerment workshop facilitator, and host of her weekly podcast The Lucy Liu Show.

Lucy was born in China and raised in the City of Angels, also known as Los Angeles. She had a deep, ambitious desire for success in life and to finish school sooner. So, Lucy dropped herself out of high school as a straight-A student after her sophomore year. She graduated from UCLA with a BS in Economics and had plans to pursue her dream of becoming a financial adviser. 

Lucy was living the Hollywood life, and courageously chose love over her career and moved to Taiwan. It was a country she had not even visited. Lucy underwent many life transitions – overcoming many different kinds of obstacles. Today, she shares her stories and strategies to help influence women around the world to be more powerful, soulful, and joyful. Showered by ancient Chinese wisdom in the last decade, she has mastered the art of slowing down yet accomplishing more. She learned how to overcome stress, and to be joyful regardless of the surrounding circumstances. 

The ex-overachiever and recovering perfectionist has been traveling throughout Asia for the past 13 years. She has been living a thriving life as an unshakable optimist. As a loving wife, motivated mother, easy-going entrepreneur, she now makes it her passion to get you from feeling stuck to full clarity. Helping you find your true happiness and rewrite your life story. She calls both Taiwan and the City of Angels her home, traveling between them. She lives with her husband and her daughter and enjoys spending time with her family and loved ones. 

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Building true connections through podcasting

In the next episode, I will go into more out-of-the-box ways to promote your podcast. I’m not talking about posting on social media and sending your mailing list an email when there’s a new episode. I’m talking about more creative ways to get more listeners. Check out the episode here