Build true connections through podcasting

Most podcasters focus on building a connection with their listeners. What I love about what Lucy said in this week’s interview, is that it is also good to think about a connection that you build with your guests. In this episode, I will discuss different ways to build true connections with both your listeners and the guests on your podcast. Tune in to learn more!

Build a connection with guests

In this week’s interview, I asked Lucy Liu what her favourite part of podcasting is. She answered that her favorite part is the human connections that she made through podcasting. She loves doing interviews because she can chat with her guests before and after the episode. That’s such a great way to connect with new people. 

I think it’s interesting to look at it that way because most people focus on building a connection with their listeners. What I love about what Lucy said, is that it is also good to think about a connection that you build with your guests. She gave a few tips on how to do that, which was eye-opening for me. One thing she said that I implemented for my next interviews is to ask if my guest also has a question for me. So that I know that they’re 100% ready. 

If they want to know more about me, they can ask that. Just to make sure that they know everything they want to know about me, and that they feel comfortable during the interview. It’s also good to set the tone to make it more of a conversation instead of just questions that they need to answer. 

Stay in touch

Another tip for connecting with your guests is to stay in touch, keep them in the loop. Let them know when their episode goes live, send them a reminder when it is live, stuff like that. Maybe everyone already knows that, but I think it’s important. 

Build a connection with listeners

Connecting with listeners is usually the number one thing that podcasters focus on. For good reason, because your listeners are our ideal clients if you’re doing it right. So of course you want to build a true connection with your listeners. I also have a few tips on how to do that. 

One thing that worked well for me is to show a little bit behind-the-scenes on Instagram. Instagram Stories are perfect for this, of course. So when you start recording, show your recording space, even if it’s ugly. Just seeing where people record their episodes, gives you a little bit of the vibe that is in the episode. I always love it. 

If you bring people that little behind-the-scenes, they can just relate a little bit more. Especially if your podcast always sounds really professional and your topic is also pretty serious. If you give really good tips and value, sometimes it might be difficult to connect with you. That actually brings me to tip number two…

Show your personality

My other tip to connect more with your audience is to show a little bit of your personality in your episodes. This is honestly a work in progress for me. I want to keep things short and sweet and to the point, but I always like it when people tell a little bit about themselves. This makes it relatable and different from other podcasts about the same topic. 

A way to contact you

Tip number three is to give your listener a way to contact you. I think that it’s a shame if you don’t provide your listeners with a way to contact you because talking to your listeners is super valuable. if they say they love an episode, then you know it’s a really good episode, because someone took the time to actually send that message. I would always suggest that you just have a conversation with that person to ask what they like about the episode. That way you can make more of that content. We make these podcasts for the listener, so it is so good to know that it really comes across what you want to say. 

That’s why tip number three is to tell them where and how to contact you. So for example, you can say send me an email, if that is what you want. For me, I love to connect with my listeners on Instagram, because I can already see a little bit more about you. And we can also keep in touch a little bit easier. 

I am super excited to build a network through this podcast with other amazing entrepreneurs and other amazing podcasters. If you haven’t listened to the interview I did with Lucy, go do it now! I think every podcaster can learn a lot about the things that she said in the interview, why she made certain choices and the lessons that she has learned in three years of podcasting. 

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