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Get New Listeners For Old Episodes

January 19, 2021

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Podcasters love creating new podcast episodes. It’s what inspires us and we can’t wait to share our passion with the world. Though we love this medium, it is a lot of time, effort, and money to create each episode. 

In yesterday’s episode, Kamille Cawley shared how she repurposes her episodes to get the most mileage from each episode and how recording with video allows her to create even more content. Today, I’m going to expand on our conversation so that you can get the most from every episode – by getting new listeners for previous episodes. Let’s get started!


Promote old episodes

I see so many podcasters who only promote their new episodes, which is a shame. A lot of podcast topics are relevant for a long time and it really doesn’t matter when you listen to the episode. Podcasts aren’t thought of as traditional evergreen content, but the majority of podcasts are just that. By promoting only new episodes, many podcasters are letting a good opportunity get away. 

At least once a quarter, review your stats and identify which are the high performing episodes. These are the episodes your audience resonated with and found useful. I would prioritize these episodes to promote again, to reach a larger audience and help more people with minimal extra work. 

Use SEO to direct traffic to older episodes

Another way to get more traffic to older episodes is by prioritizing your SEO when the episode is first released. When you are writing show notes for your episode, take the time to research what keywords people are searching for that your episode is providing the answer to. 

For example, I saw that many people search for the phase ‘how to promote my podcast’ so I created a few episodes that have this phrase in the title. When I wrote my show notes, I made sure to include the keyword phrase in the subheadings and throughout the post to optimize my episode in search results.

Listeners are awesome. If you are engaged with your audience, they will tell you what they want to learn or hear about and you are the expert that can provide the answer. If your audience has the question, other people also have the same question and if your episode has good SEO, they may stumble across your podcast to find the answer.

The best part about SEO is once it’s done, it’s working for you forever. Put some extra time in upfront and you’ll get even more time back later that you can spend creating new content. If you need some more help with your SEO, listen to this episode from last season about optimizing SEO for your podcast.

Using video to create more content from each episode

In yesterday’s episode, Kamille shared that she records every podcast episode on video so that she can create more content from each episode. With a video recording, you can share video snippets of your episode or let your audience see a bit of your behind-the-scenes process. People love to see how things are made, to get that ‘insider’ experience which video can provide. 

YouTube is a huge platform that can drive new subscribers to your show. You can post the full episode there or just small clips and direct them to your podcast page for the full episode. Even for people like me, who typically don’t watch video content, will stop and watch a video snippet on Instagram. Video is intriguing and will get more eyes and ears on your show. 

Schedule out your promotion timeline

One thing that is super important for me is to think about when I’m promoting my new and old episodes. Currently, I release a new episode on Mondays and Tuesdays, so those days I focus on promoting new content. By the end of the week, people interested in the new episodes will likely have already listened. Late in the week or over the weekend is a good opportunity to promote an older episode that I want to drive more traffic to. 

Another thing I recommend is to create a recap email once a month of your new episodes. Give a brief description of each episode, what pain point it will solve for your audience, and provide the direct link to that episode. People get busy or sidetracked so this is a great way to get additional traffic to your show. 

Pinterest – the next frontier? 

One thing Kamille said yesterday that was really interesting to me was the impact Pinterest has had on her podcast. After she started promoting her podcast with audiograms on Pinterest, she saw an increase in listeners. I’m intrigued by Pinterest and really want to learn more about how to best utilize the platform for podcast promotion. Kamille put me in touch with her Pinterest expert, Precious Rodgers, and you’re in for a treat when I interview her for the last episode of this season. It’s a long one, but full of so many great tips that I can’t wait to try myself. You’ll definitely want to listen to that episode once it’s released on March 15th.

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