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Why Podcasting is the Best Marketing Tool

October 6, 2020

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Podcasting is a marketing tool unlike any other. It is the perfect medium to reach the people that don’t consume written content or who like to be able to consume content on the go while walking the dog, washing the dishes, or watching this week’s little league game. 

In today’s episode, I’m going to tell you why I love podcasting so much and how it can have a major impact on your business’ bottom line. Let’s dive in! 


The huge potential of podcasting

Before I knew anything about the business side of podcasting, I was a huge consumer of them. A few years ago, I dreamt about having an online business that would allow me to travel the world while working and have a steady income. I would listen to podcasts about digital nomad life on my commute to school, during a walk in the park, or washing the dishes. Podcasts gave me so much inspiration about what my future could look like! 

As I kept listening to more and more podcasts, I realized that podcasting has huge potential from a business standpoint. While there are a lot of podcasts out there (over 1 million, actually), it is not a saturated market. Many of those podcasts aren’t posting consistently and therefore not gaining a loyal listener base. It is also likely that there are far more blogs or YouTube channels about your niche than podcasts. Consumers are flocking to podcasts as a new content medium, because of its flexibility to be consumed anywhere, at any time. It’s a great market to be in right now. 

Connect with your audience 

Another reason I love podcasting is because it’s such a cool way to connect with your audience. This is the reason I created my first podcast, Anne’s Stories Podcast. I was so inspired by the podcasts I was listening to that I finally pursued my own dream of starting an online business and becoming a digital nomad. That’s what I want to do for other people!

I want to share people’s stories and get my listeners inspired to do what they want, what they love, and to send out the message that so much is possible. Podcasting makes it so easy to connect with your audience. They aren’t just reading your words, but they are hearing your voice saying those words. They feel like you are talking to them personally. And that’s how you start to earn someone’s trust, a crucial step in converting listeners into clients.

One episode = a ton of content

As business owners, we know the importance of marketing and also the constant need to be producing content. Another great benefit of having a podcast is that it is very easy to repurpose a podcast episode into several different pieces of content. From one episode, you can create a blog, transcript, video, audiogram, shareable quotes for social media, infographic and even a lead magnet.  You will have followers who prefer reading or scrolling over listening and with a podcast, but that’s okay. You will have so many ways to still get the content to them in a form they enjoy consuming.  

What I really like about podcasting is that it can be the center part of your whole content marketing strategy. The possibilities are endless to repurpose this content and it’s such a great way to get your brand out there, to get seen, and to get found by your audience and by your ideal client. 

Converting listeners into clients

As a business owner using a podcast as part of your marketing strategy, you obviously want to make money from it. We all have to pay our rent, right? Podcasting is a really fun way to make some money, if you do it the right way.

When your audience listens to your podcast, they get to know you and they get to trust you because you share so much of your knowledge. They listen to your voice and they feel like they are really getting to know you. That’s a great position to be in, because then you can sell them your product or service.

That’s the main reason why I love podcasts so much! It is a genuine marketing tool where you can show people what you can do, and give so much much free value in your podcast. The reason I started this podcast is that I want to share my knowledge in a different way. I wanted more than my Instagram posts and email newsletters. These are also great marketing tools, and some people prefer to consume written content. For people who don’t love reading or who want the flexibility of popping in some earbuds and hearing some business tips on the way to the market, podcasts offer a way to tap into a different audience. 

Are you interested in starting a podcast but are overwhelmed and have no idea where to start? Definitely listen to the rest of this season that I am releasing right now. 

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