Where To Find Sponsors And How To Connect With Them

Finding sponsors might seem difficult, especially with new podcasters, but it’s not really as difficult as it seems.

in this season of The Podcast Babes Podcast,  we have been talking about podcast sponsorships and monetizing your podcast. 

And today, let’s talk about where to find sponsors and how to connect with them.

Know What You’re Looking For

There are a million places on the internet to find sponsors.  First of all, think about what kind of sponsors you’re looking for. Is it in a specific industry? What kind of values do these sponsors need to have? Is there a value or are there values that you need to be aligned with the sponsor? This way, you have criteria you can follow to find the best sponsor for your podcast.

Also, make sure that you know your audience very well, to see if the brand has a similar audience. Once you know that, you’ll know exactly what you looking for.

Research For Sponsors Aligned To Your Brand

How do you find them? You can start by looking for them on Google. List down the websites of the brands you’re interested in. And if you have found enough, reach out to them through LinkedIn What I love about LinkedIn is you will be able to see who works for that particular company and you can see their roles or positions. Thus, it’s easier to find out which particular person you need to reach out to.

Whether you do it through email or LinkedIn message, you can easily connect with them. Start a conversation, ask questions, and just try to build a connection or rapport.

Know What You’re Asking For

 In connecting with these brands, I think it is very important to reach out with a specific question. Know exactly what you’re asking for. And pro-tip, you’re not asking for a podcast sponsorship. Don’t focus on the money, focus on the service because sponsors want to work with podcasters to get their message out. So that is actually what you’re offering. You’re not asking for a podcast sponsorship. If possible, don’t use the word podcast sponsorship.

Build A Relationship Even When They Say No

 In communicating with these brands and connecting with these people, always aim to build a relationship. Don’t burn bridges even if they say no. Because a no is always better than no answer at all. Also, a no can become a yes in the future.  

Make sure that you’re building a relationship, don’t just pitch and that’s it. If you don’t hear from them, do a follow-up. And if they still say no, be polite and thank them.

You can also ask questions about why they said no and it will give you an idea if they’re still a potential fit for you and your brand. Again, keep the relationship, who knows things will change in the future.

How To Pitch Leads

 In marketing, there are cold leads, warm leads, and hot leads. That is the same in pitching sponsors. If you want a cold pitch to lead to a warm pitch, then to a hot pitch, make sure to have a specific ask. But don’t ask for a year-long exclusive sponsorship of your podcast, because that is a huge ask for a cold connection that you have.

 Start small. Ask first if they are even interested in a specific question or a specific idea.  And if it’s a no, maybe you need to find another way to turn this cold lead into a warm lead. So in connecting with sponsors, start with a small ask and then build that relationship over time.


If Googling doesn’t work, you can also check out social media. But a really good tip that I learned from the Sidewalker Daily, a course I’m enrolled in is the easiest way to find podcast sponsorship is to see which brands sponsor your competitor’s podcast.

 If there is a podcast with a similar audience, a similar concept, or reaching similar people. See if they have sponsors because these are the companies that you want to reach out to first.

Finding sponsors might sound difficult and would require a lot of work. But, this episode will guide you to finding the right sponsor fit for your brand. All you have to do is listen to this episode and follow these tips. Eventually, you’ll find the right sponsor for your podcast. 

Good luck!

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