What You Need To Know To Set Attainable, Ambitious Podcast Goals For 2022

Goal setting for podcasters can be a challenge. I’ve been podcasting for almost two years now and I still go through this dilemma. It was difficult to make attainable goals, and also it wasn’t ambitious enough. I don’t want to set a goal that is too easy, but I also don’t want to set a goal that I cannot reach.

In this episode, I believe it is important to set goals for your podcast at the beginning of 2022. Goals that are attainable and ambitious at the same time. Join me as I share with you techniques I’ve learned that can help you set your own goals.

Setting Download Numbers

The answer in this question actually depends on your audience and how long your podcast is running. I would recommend you to keep a close look at your numbers. In my one year of podcasting, the first 50 episodes cannot really interpret the data yet. Personally, I think the first 50 episodes are an experimentation phase, it is during this time that you can find out what works and doesn’t work. But to really draw conclusions from your stats and from your numbers, you need more than one year of podcasting and more than 50 episodes.

I think after one or two years you have a lot of data.  And I think that is the perfect time to really dive back and to look at your numbers to then use that to set attainable but ambitious goals. But how do you look at your data? I think what’s important is to look at the downloads per 30 days. 

Usually, your podcast host will tell you exactly how much that is and they will give you an overview of that. So it’s pretty easy to keep an eye on this as well and you can easily look back and it’s also really easy to see how much you’ve grown. From the percentage you can see the average. By having a glimpse at your data, you can then set attainable goals and make changes if needed. 

Setting A Goal On How Many Episodes And Guests You Want On Your Show

Challenge yourself on producing more podcast content. The more content you have, the more listeners you attract. In my podcast,my goal was to produce 100 episodes, but I was only able to produce about 70 or 75 episodes. That was my strategy.  We also have a long term promotion strategy for our podcast content in place. So that is why my goal for last year was 100 episodes on the podcast. And even though I didn’t reach it, it was a really cool goal. And I would highly recommend using a goal like this because it can also be super fun.

Let’s say you only have solo episodes, why not delve also into interviews as well? It’s not always about the numbers, it’s also about the people.

How Profitable Can Your Podcast Be

You need to know the expenses for podcast production. If you’re going to use a podcast hosting platform, a podcast manager, or maybe a virtual assistant that creates promotional assets. You should keep all these in mind so that you can make a plan and make even first. Then, think of ways on how to exceed that or how to make a profit from your podcast. It’s a whole new year that you can use to monetize your podcast and that is so exciting.


Those are the tips that I want to share about setting goals for your podcast in the brand new year that we have in 2022. I also want to say I think the most important thing here is also to look at your own numbers, and not anyone else’s numbers. Compare yourself to your past self, and not to anyone else, and set a goal to better each time.

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