The Value Of Music And Sound Effects For Podcasters

Most podcasts have an intro and outro with music. It opens up the vibe of the podcast and ends it. But one may think, is it really important to have music? Personally, I would say yes. Why? 

Let me give you some of the reasons why and when music and sound effects are valuable for your podcast.

To Set The Mood

Music has the power to set a certain mood. If the music is upbeat, it makes you happy. If it’s melancholic, it can make you sad. So depending on what you want your audience to feel and if it’s relevant to your content, music is appropriate for a podcast.

Music Is Part Of Your Brand

Your brand is not just a logo. Your brand resonates your values. You create a certain feeling or emotion when they look at your website, and also when they listen to your podcast. 

Finding The Perfect Music For Your Podcast

When I say music is part of your brand, it also means finding the perfect music for your podcast. And searching for the perfect music is not easy. I had to dig deep into my brand and go back to the question, What do I want my audience to feel? Once you have an idea of what you’re looking for, it’s easier to filter out those that you don’t like. 

But where can you go to find the right music? There are actually a lot of websites that offer free music but in my experience, I wanted to sound more professional so I invested in a music license. It’s not that expensive, and it gave me the rights to use the music for a year. I got my music from AudioJungle, which has a lot of options for podcasters.

Are Sound Effects Valuable In A Podcast?

Yes and No. Yes if it goes with your brand and content. If it’s fun, eccentric, or creative, it might be valuable to add sound effects. It can make your podcast unique and entertaining. But if adding a sound effect will only distract or confuse the listener from the message you want to deliver, then the answer is No.

Again, adding music and sound effects to your podcast relies on your brand, the content, and what you want your audience to feel. Brand and content are the most crucial in a podcast, but choosing the right music ties it all together.