The Mindset You Need To Make Your Podcast A Success, With Chelsea Riffe

Why am I doing this? One of the biggest questions you’ll ask yourself as a podcaster who hasn’t seen the results you were hoping for. If you’ve been podcasting for a while, but it’s just not working out – this episode is for you.

In today’s episode, Chelsea Riffe, one of my colleagues in the podcasting space, will share her knowledge and experience in podcasting. She shares her best tips on how to make your podcast successful and FUN!

About Chelsea Riffe

Chelsea Riffe is a Mindset & Podcast Coach for women who want to share their voice, literally and figuratively. She offers 1-1 mindset coaching, courses, and workshops, and has a podcast called “In My Non-Expert Opinion” (85k+ downloads).

In this Episode

[01:57] Chelsea’s introduction.

[03:27] Chelsea shifted from mindset coaching to podcast strategy coaching.

[04:24] Tips for people who want to be a lifestyle podcaster.

[05:01] You can niche down within your podcast, for example in seasons.

[05:31] Podcast about the areas of your life that you are excited about.

 [06:45] Chelsea talks about her client’s struggles and how she helped to overcome them.

[07:13] One of her clients had seven or eight episodes and is now struggling to create new content.

[07:45] They started to map out a very specific content strategy.

[08:14] Chelsea audited her client’s podcast and came up with areas of improvement.

[08:18] One of the biggest improvements was her show notes and her titles, which she decided to optimize for SEO.

[08:23] Chelsea also makes sure that her clients’ episodes are somehow tied back to her business.

[08:33] Now her client has seen an uptick in ratings and reviews, getting DMs because people want to work with her, and she shows up higher on Google.

[09:29] Small steps over big leaps.

[11:56] For business owners who want to start a podcast but don’t know how to connect their personalities, see how you can tie back certain topics into your podcast.

[12:33] Idea: do a pop-up podcast.

[13:37] Is podcasting for everyone?

[16:54] The 80/20 rule for interviews: the host should be speaking 20% of the time, and guests should be speaking during the other 80%.

[18:31] The importance of having a plan for your podcast.

[20:11] Building strong community and engagement with your listeners.

[22:05] More info on Chelsea’s podcast launch course called “Mic Drop”.

[22:51] If you don’t have a podcast or if you’ve just started your podcast but you’re still a little bit unsure, definitely look into Mic Drop or work with Chelsea 1-on-1.

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