The First Step Towards Monetizing Your Podcast

You probably have noticed that in this season we’ve talked a lot about monetizing podcasts and there are more episodes about that to come. However, the main question that comes to mind is: How overwhelming is monetizing a podcast?

In this episode, I wanted to go into the first step you can take toward monetizing your podcast.  So let’s just break it up and let’s just start with the very first step and the rest will come later. Join me in this episode and let’s turn that overwhelm into excitement!

Ways To Monetize Your Podcast

Sell your product or services. Or sell someone else’s products or services – If you want to sell someone else’s products or services, you can do affiliate marketing, or you can also do sponsorships. And if you choose to do sponsorships, there are some choices to be made. Do you want to use a platform that will get you sponsors? Do you want to reach out to sponsors by yourself? Is that something that you want to do? Do you want that direct relationship with a sponsor?

On the other hand, if you want to sell your services or products, there are also some choices to be made. Do you already have something to sell? If not, what do you want to sell?  Do you want to create a special offer for your audience?  Do you want to do events? Do you want to do more passive products? Do you want to create a course? Do you want to write a book? There are so many choices, you just have to choose what works best for you.

How Do You Make Sure That You Know Exactly What You’re Doing?

When you’re creating the content, you want to make sure that these workflows are seamless. You want to make sure that you can create an episode without taking too much of your time. And how do you do that? By outsourcing or using digital tools that can make your tasks easier to complete.

Whatever strategy you want to use to monetize your podcast, releasing content is just really important because you cannot monetize a podcast when you’re not releasing content.  


To wrap up this episode, step zero is deciding on a strategy to monetize your podcast. Decide on one strategy to monetize your podcast to start with, and then you can always add the next strategy and the next strategy once this is all up and running. But before all that, the first step towards monetizing your podcast is making sure that you are completely comfortable creating the content so that the show can go on. 

It is overwhelming, but with a plan in place, monetizing your podcast would be a lot easier!

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