Podcasting For Introverts – What To Do & What Not To Do

When being present on social media or at events drains your energy, why would a podcast be different?

In today’s podcast episode, we have invited Tara Reid, introvert podcaster. For more than 16 years, Tara has been a multi-passionate entrepreneur. She is here to share her experience being an introvert podcaster and the methods she uses in marketing, without draining her energy.

Tune in as Tara explains what podcasting can do for introverts, and what to do and what not to do in your strategy.

In this Episode

[01:44] Tara shares the things she does to help people.

[03:54] Tara elaborates that it’s possible to run a business without being present on social media. She shares four alternative strategies.

[04:55] Podcasting as a visibility method.

[06:28] Tara believes that podcasting is ideal for introverts, this is why.

[08:13] The benefits of batch recording content.

[11:51]  “The Seven Things I Learned In The First Year Of Podcasting.” 

[14:45]  Blogging is the perfect method to repurpose podcast content to other channels..

[17:17] Tara explains how SEO works.

[24:23] You don’t have to be out there on social media all the time. You can be visible in your own way. You can get organic traffic to your podcast and to your website.

About Tara Reid

Tara Reid has been a multi-passionate entrepreneur for over 16 years, and she has built multiple successful 6-figure businesses. She is currently a business and marketing coach who primarily helps introverted entrepreneurs learn how to build more fun, scaleable, and authentic businesses! Tara is also the host of the annual Introvertpreneur virtual summit and Introvertpreneur podcast.

Connect with Tara

Website: https://thetarareid.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/introvertcoach
Podcast: https://thetarareid.com/podcast

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