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Podcast Launch Tips From My Launch Twin Kelly Potts

February 22, 2021

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Podcasting is not one-size-fits-all and I love to show you how different podcasters have success with completely different approaches.

Kelly Potts is a marketing and mindset coach who happened to launch her podcast on the same day that I did. Other than both launching our shows on October 12, 2020, our launch strategies had nothing in common. While I embodied my “take messy action” advice and jumped in without much of a plan, Kelly took her time and planned everything out to ensure her show would be sustainable over the long haul. Check out today’s episode to get all of the details to Kelly’s launch strategy.

In this episode:

  • [2:32] Why a marketing and mindset coach started a podcast 
  • [5:08] How Kelly’s podcast helped hone her brand
  • [7:37] Kelly’s detailed launch strategy
  • [13:07] How Kelly keeps her audience engaged and listening 
  • [14:14] The biggest thing Kelly has learned since starting her podcast
  • [16:38] Does Kelly regret waiting two years to launch her podcast?
  • [20:58] Getting social media followers to listen to your podcast
  • [27:38] Should you have a separate social media profile for your podcast?

About Kelly

It’s Kelly’s mission to help you feel calm and confident as you grow your dream business. She is your marketing mentor, mindset motivator and #1 hype girl as you build a business that makes waves. 

Kelly spent years putting off the launch of her business, trapped in a cycle of limiting beliefs. Though she knew she had the expertise and passion to help others, her fear of failure overpowered everything else.

After a while, she got sick of my business just being some far off dream.

She made the decision to go all in and studied NeuroLinguistic Programming, started changing her thought patterns to support her success, and built her unstoppable business plan.

Now, she combines 8 years of mastering digital marketing with her background in Life & Success Coaching to help you fearlessly build your business with unforgettable marketing strategies and an unstoppable mindset.

Connect with Kelly

Does the thought of launching a podcast overwhelm you?

No matter if your launch strategy has every detail planned out for months in advance like Kelly, or if you are more like me and fly by the seat of your pants, launches are stressful. Tune in to tomorrow’s episode where I’ll share my tips on how to stay sane during your podcast launch.

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