Our Easy & Effective Content Repurposing Process (Step-By-Step)

A podcast is an excellent way for your content marketing strategy. Podcasts are out there forever, and so if you have a long term strategy to promote your podcast, new listeners will always find their way to your podcast months from now and even years from now. 

Also, you can use this content that you already have in so many ways, content you can use across all platforms. For some new to podcasting, this might be something you’re struggling with, that’s why I think this is important for you to know that it is possible to repurpose content.

In this episode, I would like to share with you easy and effective ways to repurpose content. Ideas that you can learn from, guide you, and you can start applying in your own podcast.

Step 1: Record The Audio

Recording your audio content is always the first step, but recording in a video format is also an option. For us, we only record audio for now. It’s a matter of deciding where we are headed. Do you want to appear in a few platforms? Or do we want to show up across more platforms like Youtube?

Step 2: Make Sure That Everything Is The Best Quality

After recording, we make sure that the audio is of best quality, making it enjoyable for the person listening. A good podcast delivers a clear message through value high-quality audio.

Step 3: Repurpose Your Content

3.1 Writing A Blog Post

The first way to repurpose is through writing a full blog post for solo episodes and using timestamps for interview episodes. This way, your listener can choose to skip parts they don’t want to listen to and just listen to the parts they want. They can also come back later if they want. From a listener’s perspective, this is really helpful. Then you can also tell Google what your podcast is about even when your podcast is not out yet. It will come up in searches, which is really good for SEO.

3.2 Email Newsletter

After writing a blog post, we repurpose it to a weekly email newsletter. We have an email list of the people who signed up through the website, and it is where they get notified about a new episode to be released. Newsletters may contain information about the new episode only, but you could also include behind the scenes, any relevant information, or even previous episodes.

3.3 Social Media Captions

From the blog post, you can also create social media captions. Captions that can be used for carousels and graphics that’s posted to different platforms to promote the episode. Then there’s also CTA’s or Call to Action phrases at the end of the slides to lead your listeners to a page you want them to go to.

3.4 Instagram Reels

When I’m lost for ideas, I go to my previous episodes to create Instagram reel content. I draw inspiration from content I already have and create newer content.

3.5 Create Audiograms

Audiograms are images with a snippet of the audio attached to it. It captures the essence of the episode and entices the listener to listen to the podcast.

3.6 Pinterest Idea Pins & Tailwind

So I recently started doing Pinterest idea pins, which is kind of like Instagram stories, but different in some ways. Reels and audiograms can also be pinned in Pinterest. I use Tailwind to schedule Pinterest pins but I also use it now to create pins. Like Canva, you can also create graphics from Tailwind using their stock photos, use your brand colors, then schedule your post after. Lastly, can put in keywords then a link to the blog post in your website.

Pro Tip!

There are a lot of other ways to repurpose content. If you’re on other platforms like LinkedIn, you can post there too. And remember to switch things up a bit! What I mean is don’t just copy paste the same content for a week to all your platforms, that could mean boring. What you can do is use different graphics, post not just about your new episode but your old episodes as well. Make it exciting, enticing, and fun for the listener.

I hope you learned something today! If you’re looking for more help repurposing your podcast episodes, reach out to us at thepodcastbabes.com or send us a message on Instagram. And if you have another repurposing method that we should know about, we would love to hear from you!

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