Messy Action Was The Key To Starting Jo’s Podcast

Starting a podcast is easy if you make it simple. And today, we’re going to introduce you to someone who did it right off the bat. 

Jo Ingram is a former advertising agency director turned business coach and messaging strategist. She’s also host of the Goals with Soul Podcast, formerly the Action Taker Tribe Podcast.

When Jo discovered the power of podcasting, she immediately fell in love with it and got started. Armed with just an old holiday photo, she created her podcast cover art, thought of a title, and jumped on the microphone.  Sure, it was messy! But it was one of the best decisions she has ever made. 

Now, she’s here to share her podcasting adventures and show you how easy it can be.

In this episode:

[1:30] Jo shares how she helps female entrepreneurs clarify their message to their soul clients. 

[2:40] Getting your unique message right at the start is key to unlocking success in all parts of your business.

[3:30] She discovered podcasting and realized how powerful the medium was. 

[5:16] buy steroids online Progress is better than perfection. You’ll never be perfect, but you can always improve with every action that you take.

[9:00] Jo decided that tech wasn’t her priority so she figured out ways to record her podcast with ease. 

[10:00] By recording episodes of her podcast with her iPhone, she was able to post two episodes a week and boost the number of downloads for the whole season 2 of her podcast.

[12:01] Transitioning from solo episodes to interviews.

[13:27] When you allow your truth to come through, and you start telling stories that really resonate from a place of vulnerability, that’s when change really happens.

[14:14] Jo explains how she improved her podcast and what prompted her to relaunch.

[15:16] The inspiration behind the new title of Jo’s podcast, Goals with Soul. 

[18:05] You are the master of your own podcast. How rebranding her podcast, gave Jo the opportunity to clearly articulate her message and boosted her listenership. 

[19:42] Jo talks about the importance of being authentic so that others can relate to you.

[20:29] Podcasting is a highly effective tool for building know, like, trust in business. 

[21:25] The challenge with call-to-actions. 

[23:49] Take massive action. Start your podcast now. Don’t overthink and improve as you go. The only regret that many podcasters have is not starting sooner. 

About Jo Ingram

Jo Ingram is a former advertising agency director turned business coach and messaging strategist who helps high achieving female coaches clarify their unique message so that it can magnetize their soul clients by combining proven online business strategies with energy work. 

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