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Learnings & Lessons From Season 6

July 27, 2022

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It’s the end of season 6, and I’ve made a lot of changes from the last few seasons. In this episode, I’d like to talk about what I learned from recording season 6, the release of episodes this season, and the changes I want to make for next season.

What Has Changed?

A lot has changed! First of all, I upgraded my podcasting equipment and bought a new microphone. As someone who podcasts for a living, I felt that it would really make sense to upgrade my podcasting equipment and I’m really excited about it. I bought a Shure MV7 and I love it. It is definitely a huge upgrade and so far I can highly recommend this microphone.

In season 6, we also experimented with a different format for show notes. Before, we always wrote long form show notes. I think that’s very important because that way you can let Google know what your episode is about (great for SEO). Other than for SEO, long-form show notes can also be a great excuse to direct listeners to your website. That’s what we did before, but now we took the length of our show notes next level and made them super long.  And to be honest: I’m not sold on them. We’re changing back to the old format, with some additional changes for next season.

Recording In Advance

A lot of the interviews that you heard in the season were recorded months in advance, and most solo episodes also were recorded at least six weeks before releasing them. I loved how stress-free that made season 6. We’ll definitely keep working in advance for the next few seasons, as I don’t want to go back to the ‘I need to record NOW’-pressure. 

How It’s Going With Digital Nomad Stories

I love using my other podcast, Digital Nomad Stories, to experiment with how to improve my podcasting game. For the past few weeks, I added an additional episode every week to the content schedule. So from June onwards, we have been doing interview episodes on Mondays and short episodes on Thursdays. We use a previous interview and we take out about 10 minutes of that content that talks about one specific topic, which has worked well so far!

I was really curious how this was going to go because it’s a different kind of content. It’s more short form; 10 minutes instead of 40 minutes, so I didn’t really know what to expect. I’m happy to report that these episodes get downloaded a lot – about the same as interview episodes.

What To Expect In Season 7

For season 7, we’ll keep the same release schedule as for season 6. Every Monday, there will be an interview episode and, on Wednesday there will be a solo episode. 

The first episode will be released on October 3rd, and there will be 22 episodes in total. I already have a few interviews done and I am so excited to share the first interview with you! Subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss it on October 3rd.

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