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How Wendy Charles Maguire Found Her Second Wind Through Podcasting

February 21, 2022

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A lot of women in their 40’s, 50’s, and over, sometimes lose their purpose or direction. After children go to college, after retirement, or just being in a position where they just begin to ask themselves – what’s next? 

Wendy Charles Maguire knew exactly how that felt. She knew that she needed to create a space for these women to share their stories, inspire each other, and build one another. The nudge she felt was so strong that she was able to create Second Wind The Podcast, a platform that has now been constantly inspiring not just women in their 40’s but women from all walks of life.

In this episode, Wendy shares with us how she started her podcast with a mission to help women in their 40’s and beyond find their purpose in life. And how she found her own second wind through her mission.

 Do the things that speak to your heart, and that make you feel alive. – Wendy

In this episode: 

[01:54] Why and How Wendy started Second Wind The Podcast.

[05:10] When you’re walking towards your purpose, things come to you when you need them. – Wendy

[06:57] The thing that stops us from figuring out is our own self-talk because our ego always wants us to be safe.

[9:14] Finding the right people to work with.

[11:39] Having passion for your purpose is what keeps you going.

[12:55] Wendy had a bad experience with a guest which taught her a lesson but it also showed her the outpour of support from people on Facebook.

[16:27] Despite feeling unsupported by the people close to her, Wendy kept going, remaining authentic to her audience.

[19:14] Sharing a moment of weakness translates authenticity and honesty.

[20:40] Do the things that speak to your heart, and that make you feel alive. – Wendy

[22:50] Doing a pre-interview before the actual interview.

[24:52] All the things Wendy did or gone through in the past helped in taking her to where she is today.

[25:49] The key is being able to listen.

[26:42] Bringing in some younger women who are experiencing their second wind in their younger years.

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About Wendy Charles Maguire

Wendy Charles Maguire chats with guests each week who are embracing their second wind. People who have taken on their second half of life are fully charged and ready for a new adventure.

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