How To Sell Out Your Coaching Services Through Your Podcast

A podcast is a GREAT tool to reach potential clients, especially when you’re a coach. But how can you make sure your listeners actually become clients?

Gabrielle Laura is here today to tell us exactly how she uses her podcast as a vital tool in her coaching business.

Our niche is in our story, dying to come out. There is an experience that you have been through in your life. – Gabrielle

In this episode:

[1:30] At a very young age, Gabrielle wanted to be an entrepreneur.

[3:37] After college, she worked as an employee but it really wasn’t what she wanted.

[4:27] Getting laid off became the opportunity she’s been waiting for, to start her own business.

[5:16] Investing her last amount of money in a coach saved her.

[5:40] Gabrielle became a niche coach, helping coaches find their sweet spot.

[7:15] What we need are coaches with integrity.

[9:24] Success doesn’t happen overnight.

[12:04] Having her own podcast is her way of gaining trust and eventually to drive traffic to her coaching program.

[12:55] Giving free value through her podcast is a way to build rapport with her audience.

[15:23] How to come up with value driven content.

[17:34] Listening to your audience builds integrity and trust.

[18:26] Always include a call to action in your show notes. 

[20:07] Tips for podcasters who want to start a coaching business.

[25:35] Ask your audience how you can help them, ask for a survey if you want to launch an idea. 

[26:49] Ask yourself what you want to coach and do you have experience on it. 

[27:41] To be a successful coach, you need to be comfortable and be experienced.

[29:05] There is power in keeping your goals to yourself, or choose to share with those who are on the same boat as you. 

About Gabrielle

Gabrielle Laura is a niche business coach. She helps new and aspiring coaches scale their business through her significant trio, which is niche clarity, profitable programs and aligned sales. Through her strategy, she helps struggling coaches make an impact in their lives and their future customers.

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