How To Make Sure You Don’t Podfade

Podfade occurs when you suddenly lose motivation or stop recording for whatever reason. It is one of the most difficult things to avoid as a podcaster.

In today’s episode, I’ll share how to maintain consistency in your podcast, what podfade is, what causes it, and how to overcome it. This episode will teach you how to consistently release new content without putting too much pressure on yourself.

Why Stay Consistent?

The most difficult part of your podcasting journey will be consistency. It is important to stay motivated and committed in order to keep going and keep producing content for your podcast. In my experience, the real magic of podcasting happens when you’re 1+ year into releasing content consistently. That’s when surprising opportunities start knocking on your door.

Why is it so difficult to stay consistent? A variety of factors might contribute. It could be that we are too busy with our businesses or our private lives and no longer have time, or that you have already released some episodes but when you check your downloads, they are far too low for the time and effort you put into it.

What Is Podfade And How To Overcome It

Podfade means when you are podcasting and all of a sudden, you just fade from the podcasting space. From a listener’s perspective, it’s like the podcaster ghosted you. 

Podfade can be avoided if you follow these tips:

Make time for your podcast

Give yourself time to record your episode. You can outsource everything if you’re too busy, but you still need time to show up and record.

Have realistic expectations

Having your podcast take off from day 1 is not realistic. Growth is expected to be slow. Expect a lot of people to be curious in the first few episodes, but they may not be podcast listeners or interested in the topic. Your downloads may drop after the first few eps, which can be discouraging. If you are aware of this possibility, you can avoid getting discouraged.

Have a backlog of episodes

Start recording a few weeks in advance. If you’ve scheduled an interview and your guest unexpectedly reschedules, you won’t have to worry about what to release. People can get sick or your guest might have something urgent come up, which would be a huge problem if you didn’t plan ahead of time.


Change your mindset and set realistic goals. Success does not happen overnight; consider the long term, especially if you are new. Work on enjoying the process so that even if the results aren’t there yet, you will have fun.

Transitioning into new topics or new formats.

Be more creative and explore more, find the niche that works for you. If you want to keep going with podcasting and you’re not excited about your topic anymore, try changing it to something you love and enjoy. 

Don’t Stop Podcasting

Rule nr. 1: don’t stop podcasting. 

Never give up and be open to changing your mindset. Podcasting is a process that requires small steps to get to your goal. Give yourself time to record your podcast and keep in mind that slow growth in podcasting is normal. If you don’t like batch recording, you can record a week ahead of time so that you have a reserved episode to avoid the pressure of recording. Change your mindset and set realistic goals for your podcast, and finally; don’t be afraid to make changes if things are not working anymore.

“You can always just hook up your mic, and start recording. Make sure to tell your people about any shifts, and transitions, like taking them with you through this podcasting journey. That makes it super fun.” – Anne Claessen

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