How To Make An Impact With Your Podcast with Makayla McRorie

It’s so rewarding to know that your podcast has inspired others; it’s one of the most potent impacts you can have in podcasting. People get tangible takeaways and strategies that they can start applying.

In today’s episode, Makayla McRorie will share what inspired her to start podcasting and what she has learned along the way. She ensures that her podcast, Aligned Radiant And Rich, provides concrete takeaways, strategies, and coaching skills that listeners can immediately apply to start and scale their own businesses.

Join me in this episode to learn from this inspiring podcaster.

In this episode

[05:04] Podcasting is an important part of Makayla’s marketing strategy.

[06:09] The biggest benefit of interviewing thought leaders.

[07:16] Finding guests is not too hard, you just have to be smart about it.

[08:05] The strategy Makayla uses to find guests and clients.

[09:30] How Makayla manages her podcast and coaching business, as a mom of two little kids.

[10:11] “Business is just about how and what works for you and tweaking that along the way.”

[12:15] Makayla shares what changed in her business after starting the podcast and the things she learned.

[17:10] Having realistic expectations when starting a podcast is really important. This is why.

[20:54] Reach out to those people that you look up to that you’re scared to ask. In the worst-case scenario, they’ll say no.

About Makayla

Makayla is the Founder and CEO of Makayla McRorie Coaching. She’s a business coach for spiritual coaches and service-based boss babes ready to stop the struggle, become a sought-after industry leader, sell out their offers, hit high-income months & manifest a luxe life + business they adore! She currently works with clients from around the world in her signature 1:1 program Aligned Radiant and Rich.

Makayla is also the creator of the Aligned Radiant Rich Podcast on iTunes. You can find her sharing a behind-the-scenes look at life and business on Instagram and LinkedIn.

Connect with Makayla

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