How To Evaluate Your Podcast Stats – What’s Good?

Am I doing a good job? This question may have crossed your mind at some point in your life or your career. And in podcasting, this is a common question we ask ourselves especially when we’re just beginning.

One of my clients asked me this, and I’ve realized that as a podcaster for quite some time, I figured out a few things that I look at when I’m making decisions for my podcast. I also do a lot of experiments with my podcast, especially because this is what I do. 

In this episode, I would like to share with you the numbers I look at when I’m doing experiments on my podcast. And how the information I look for and find helps me answer the question – am I doing a good job?

The Difference In Using Different Hosting Platforms

I recently changed hosting platforms, because I found a hosting platform that provides more information about the people listening to the podcast, compared to the other hosting platforms. It is called and the owner is a podcaster himself, which makes it more special because he really knows what a podcaster needs.

The stats he provides are very unique. One thing that is so interesting about this hosting platform is that it actually provides a percentage of listening time, how far people listened to the episode. And the conclusions that you can draw from this information are really good. You can improve your content just by knowing this information.

Another interesting thing is you can also see what day in the week people listen to your episodes. This is important because you can experiment with changing up the time that you released the episodes based on seeing which days have more listeners. 

You can also experiment with the promotional methods that you use. Maybe after an email blast, you can see a rise in downloads, or maybe on the day that you don’t promote the episode at all, you see that no one listens.

And then all hosting platforms tell you this where people are. You can see where people are listening from and you’ll know your ideal clients. 

And then, of course, I look at download numbers. I just look at how I did before and how I’m doing now to see what works. I look at the download numbers first, then I want to know why downloads go down, then look for more information from those that I’ve already mentioned.

And the last thing is looking at outliers. I want to see if there is a specific episode that gets many more downloads than all the other episodes, or maybe an episode that doesn’t do well at all. That could tell you a lot about the content, maybe the title is not enticing enough, or maybe the topic is not interesting enough to many of your audience.

How Do You Know If You’re Doing A Good Job Or You Need To Make Some Changes?

This really depends on your goals but also the actions that you’re taking. In my experience, I have two podcasts, and my strategies on both are different from each other. I experimented a lot on the two different podcasts and saw what works and what doesn’t work because I can do different things at the same time. It’s really about looking into the information you have and don’t be afraid to experiment, because at the end of the day, your numbers will tell you where you’re headed but your action determines the success of your podcast.

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