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How Lindsay Uses Her Podcast As An Effective Marketing Tool

October 17, 2021

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As I always say, podcast monetization doesn’t solely rely on the number of downloads. In fact, there are a lot of ways to monetize your podcast, you just have to be creative. For Lindsay, she was able to use her podcast as an effective marketing tool.

Three years ago, Lindsay Hanson decided to quit her accounting job to pursue her online business coaching dream. Fast forward, she is now an online business coach, the host of Quit Your Job, Sis podcast, social media manager, and copywriter. 

In this episode, Lindsay shares with us how podcasting became a huge part of her journey from the get-go. She talks about podcasting as an effective marketing tool for business, and other non-traditional tips you can practice that can eventually lead to monetizing your podcast.

In this episode:

[1:07] Lindsay’s backstory.

[2:55] How and why Lindsay started a podcast.

[4:57] Being your target audience.

[6:01] Podcast as an effective marketing tool.

[7:01] You don’t need to have a thousand downloads to begin monetizing your podcast.

[10:48] Start a podcast out of passion, and not for the wrong reasons. 

[14:31] Your energy as a podcast host comes across in your message and your voice.

[15:16] Do not let your Impostor Syndrome affect you.

[17:14] If you believe in what you do, monetizing follows.

[20:50] Whenever you feel unworthy, be kind to yourself and remind yourself why you’re doing this.

[25:31] Don’t let the size of your audience define your worth as a podcaster.

About Lindsay Hanson

Lindsay Hanson is an online business coach, host of Quit Your Job, Sis Podcast, social media manager, and copywriter. Her mission is to help other women overcome the self-doubt, fear of judgment & money struggles that hold them back from launching their biz & reaching the level of success they’re truly capable of.

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