How A Young Podcaster Got Through Her Limiting Beliefs To Create The Podcast She Always Wanted

Starting a podcast knows no age, so does experience… 

Sophia Lorena is a young podcaster who has successfully moved past her limiting beliefs and started the podcast she always wanted. Her passion, her bravery, and her youth pushed her to become the voice of people in their twenties. 

In this episode, Sophia shares with us her journey to podcasting. Despite being 21 and inexperienced, she was able to achieve her goal of having a podcast of her own. Now, with over 140 people interviewed, Sophia gained the experience of being unafraid to start with nothing.

Start where you are, don’t compare yourself to others, and don’t be afraid to experiment. – Sophia

In this episode:

[01:16] Sophia talks about starting her podcast.

[02:30] Finding podcast guests through different podcast groups.

[04:28] Sophia is a young podcaster, but because of how young she is, she has attracted audiences in their twenties.

[06:15] Instagram and LinkedIn engagement helped a lot in growing her podcast.

[07:42] Another thing she added is incorporating reels on her posts.

[09:16] Consistency and focusing on just two platforms became part of her success.

[11:03] Know yourself, know what’s best for you and use that to your advantage.

[13:13] Sophia’s experiences led her to pursue personal development.

[13:13] Listening to other people’s stories made her realize that she can make choices that make her happy.

[15:29] In podcasting, the blockages also made her identify and helped her take action.

[16:59] Sophia’s goal is to have hosting retreats in the future.

[18:33] Start where you are, don’t compare yourself to others, and don’t be afraid to experiment. – Sophia

About Sophia Lorena

Sophia Lorena is a 21-year-old Mortgage Broker from California and has funded over 70 million since 2020. She is also the host of The Shit Show Of My Twenties Podcast. Sophia got furloughed for almost three months last year and decided to move past her limiting beliefs and start the podcast she always wanted. Since April 2020, she has interviewed over 140 people. Sophia is passionate about helping women turn their shit shows into growth opportunities.

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