Growing And Monetizing Your Podcast Through An Exclusive Club Membership

Growgetters is a podcast and club that exists to future proof women. At Growgetters they believe that women need to future proof their careers in order to stay relevant in your element and be excellent, because the more women in leadership and business there are, the better the world will be!

In this episode, our amazing Growgetters duo share monetization tips and valuable information to help podcasters not only grow their podcast, but grow their podcast as a business.

In this episode:

[3:47] Accidental meeting in a coffee shop.

[6:30] The birth of Growgetters.

[7:34] Arming women with the skills of the future.

[10:03] Experiencing success in the podcast world early on. 

[12:09] How looking at the podcast data helped in finding the right podcast niche, focusing on career.

[3:36] Taking a break gave them the chance to plan and strategize for the next season.

[15:08] When posting on Instagram, tag cities or places where your listeners are located.

[15:43] Comparing short form and long form podcast content. 

[16:33] Analyzing what works for listeners through listening to different formats and genres.

[17:36] Don’t legal nandrolone decanoate for sale in uk be afraid to experiment.

[18:00] Failures are lessons that make you better. 

[19:15] High calibre guests don’t always equate to more listens, but staying true to your brand as a podcast does.

[21:22] The chemistry and connection with podcast guests is also important.

[22:09] Finding the right guest for the podcast, with the right brand alignment.

[23:42] From becoming a high ranking podcast, to branching out to an exclusive club for ambitious and knowledge thirsty women.

[28:01] In the Growgetters Club are expert women from different industries learning from each other.

[29:05] Leveling up to monetize the podcast by building a subscription and membership model club.

[32:37] Everything you do should be true to your purpose as a brand.

[35:56] Having total control of your business enables better planning for the future.

[37:16] To learn more information and tips, follow the rest of the interview and click here.

About Tiffany Hart & Tanya Garma

Tiffany Hart is a start-up founder and tech entrepreneur. Her startup, 7Write was selected from thousands around the world to join Europe’s leading startup incubator, Startup Bootcamp Amsterdam. Her company was quickly funded by some of Australia’s and Europe’s leading investors – including the original seed investor at PayPal, Peter Davison. Tiffany is the co-founder of GrowGetters.

Tanya Garma is a Strategy Director who has worked internationally at some of the most prestigious digital and innovation agencies in Australia, the UK and Europe. She has developed award-winning digital experiences, digital business strategies, and content creation for brands such as NAB, Melbourne Cricket Ground, Miele, Mercedes-Benz, and Telegraph Media Group. Tanya is the co-founder of GrowGetters.

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