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5 strategies to monetize your podcast [free masterclass]

Monetize your podcast

Facebook Ads For Podcasters with Christina Bernhard

May 31, 2021

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Have you thought about using paid Facebook ads for your podcast, but don’t understand the algorithm or think it would be too expensive and time consuming? Maybe you’ve even tried it once or twice and didn’t see much ROI. 

No matter where you are on your podcasting journey, getting more listeners for your podcast is a priority and Facebook ads are a great way to accomplish that goal. Christina Bernhard owns a Facebook ads agency and she is on the show today to answer all your burning questions about using paid Facebook ads to drive new traffic to your podcast. Tune in to hear all of her pro tips!

In this episode:

  • [2:45] Why Facebook ads are a particularly effective method of paid advertising 
  • [5:42] Which podcasts will most benefit from using Facebook ads
  • [7:34] How early is ‘too early’ to begin using Facebook ads for a new podcast
  • [8:52] What you need to do first before starting an ads campaign to ensure it is as effective as possible
  • [12:48] What point in the sales funnel should your Facebook ad direct the target audience to
  • [14:18] The most common mistake podcasters make with Facebook ads
  • [16:30] How much does an ad costs per listener 
  • [18:01] How long after starting an ads campaign can you determine if it’s successful or not
  • [19:57] The basic principles of creating an ads campaign
  • [26:58] Christina’s monthly membership to help you get started with your own Facebook ads campaign

About Christina

After years in the corporate world as a marketing director, Christina Bernhard found herself with a dream of freedom she couldn’t shake. Her dream was freedom to travel where she wanted while doing what she loved, but she didn’t have the confidence to make it happen.

Now she found a way to navigate through her own limiting beliefs to leave the corporate world, build her business, and trade all of her things for a backpack of clothes to travel the world. Her mission is to help business owners scale to their own versions of freedom through profitable Facebook ads and high converting funnels.

Connect with Christina

Before even thinking about buying Facebook ads, you need to do this!

Is your goal to have a successful podcast? Do you want to grow your podcast listener base and keep them around for a long time? Do you ultimately want to monetize your podcast? Then you need to map out your listeners’ journey. 

If you haven’t created your listener journey map yet or not even sure what that is, check out tomorrow’s episode where I’ll be breaking down why and how you should map out your listener’s journey (available here after June 1).

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