Determining Your Podcast’s Brand Personality With Danielle LaBonté

Danielle works as a graphic designer full-time, but discovering podcasting brought out more creativity out of her. It became an outlet to reconnect with other creatives and learn about their lifestyles, inspiring and motivating each other and their audience. 

In this episode, she will also share how to create a podcast brand that resonates with the podcaster’s personality. Join me as we learn how to market your podcast through its brand personality.

In this episode:

[1:56] Creativity as a passion project.

[2:10] Through her podcast, Danielle gets to network and learn about other creatives.

[3:56] Brewing Up Creativity started in September.

[4:21] In her podcasts, she always asks what their favorite drink is to warm up the interview.

[5:45] The monotonous lifestyle that resulted from the pandemic gave Danielle the idea to start the podcast.

[7:06] Brand personality as a medium to convey your message with a personal touch.

[9:31] People get to know your personality through consistently listening to your podcast.

[10:38] Three things to consider in starting a podcast.

[10:46] Identifying your target audience.

[11:42] She started to consider how people would feel listening to her podcast.

[12:30] Creating a list of morals, imperfections to be able to explain her promise and mission.

[13:44] The name determines your personality.

[17:15] The next step is hopping into your identity.

[20:36] During start-up and rebranding phase, hiring a brand designer depends on your budget and what works for you.

[23:36] In rebranding, you have to make changes slowly to avoid confusion in your listeners.

[28:45] Trends change and rebranding is also needed to stay updated to resonate with your audience.

[31:00] Creating a new template that’s more modern and less text. 

[31:49] Keep tabs on design updates to capture attention and aim for a pleasing aesthetic.

About Danielle

Danielle LaBonté is an award winning Toronto based graphic designer and podcast host. Her podcast is called Brewing Up Creativity, which is focused around fellow creatives. She is a recognized graphic designer by Yahoo News and Finance. She runs her graphic design studio Danielle LaBonté designs to help ambitious entrepreneurs brand their business for success.

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