Building A Foundation Of Trust Through Personal Branding Determines Your Podcast Success

A personal branding that’s built on trust is an effective way to monetize your podcast. When you give value to your listeners, everything else follows.

Today, I have invited Robyn Graham, a distinguished photographer, a podcast host, and a personal brand expert. With her in-depth knowledge and experience in branding, she is here to share to us a value packed episode that should not be missed.

In this episode, you will learn about the five C’s of personal branding, tips on being a good guest, the importance of being authentic, and how to create lasting relationships in the podcasting world.

In this episode:

[2:21] Robyn introduces herself.

[3:13] What is a personal brand?

[4:19] Branding is communicating your story.

[5:11] The 5 C’s of personal branding.

[5:57] Clarity is knowing what your why is.

[6:43] Cohesive is all about your brand assets blending together.

[7:31] Consistent means showing up and being present.

[8:40] Content has to be something with value.

[9:23] Community starts small.

[10:47] Make a list of your values, your visions, and your passions.

[12:51] Reevaluate your business to know if your strategy is working, and to know where you need to make changes.

[14:28] Robyn found the opportunity to grow her business and also help other people through coaching and podcasting.

[16:33] Social Media platforms are a way to communicate to your audience when you’re making a transition, a change, or starting something new.

[20:14] The more honest we are with our audience, the deeper relationships we’re gonna build with them.

[21:24] We all make mistakes, and it’s okay for your audience to see that. Humanize yourself as a podcast host.

[23:15] Reality is, we all fall into traps of imposter syndrome.

[24:24] Community is expanding on the the number of people and the types of people that we get exposure to.

[27:03] Tips on how to be a good guest.

[34:08] The content that you’re delivering as a guest is going to provide value to the other hosts, and helps build your personal brand..

[36:22] Before pitching, build a relationship first with the podcast host.

[38:16] Building a connection should be a two way street.

[40:19] Be human, be authentic, be your personal brand.

About Robyn Graham

Using the power of brand strategies Dr. Robyn Graham helps multi-passionate women find their second phase and become entrepreneurs. She helps them build personal brands and launch businesses with solid foundations for long-term brand and business success.

Her signature “The Brand Marketing Insider” program is a highly customized done for you brand-building experience that combines her expertise with that of a team of vetted professionals to build comprehensive brands that include attractive and functional websites, copy, social media management and more.

Robyn is a wife, mom to three, woman of faith, and passionate about serving others.  She is on the board of directors for Face to Face Germantown, an organization in the greater Philadelphia area serving the marginalized population.  

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