Best Of 1 Year The Podcast Babes – What I’ve Learned & Mistakes I Made

One year ago, we launched a podcast and we  also launched a rebrand. The Podcast Babes already existed before this, but with a completely different name and different branding. Since then, The Podcast Babes became an official brand name, and have taken the podcast a notch higher.

So here we are, celebrating our first year! Looking back on the past year, and also the past season, because this also marks the finale of season four of the podcast.

In this episode, I want to highlight that my podcast is all about podcasting. And I would also share with you what I’ve learned, and the mistakes that I made in my podcasting journey. I’m not perfect, and that is why I want to share this with you, so that you may know what works and learn from my mistakes.

Mistake: Not Doing A Big Launch For My Podcast

During this time, I was so busy with rebranding, creating a website, and working with a graphic designer to build the right visual. It was a lot of work and a lot of pressure, and launching really took a backseat. Instead of a big launch, I settled for a soft launch just to get the content out there.

The real reason is, I felt like I wasn’t ready yet. At that time I was already helping clients with their podcasts, so I already have the knowledge how to do it. But at the same time I was also procrastinating. I felt like my podcast needs to be perfect, because it’s what I do, ang clients will listen to it. Eventually, I realized that if I keep delaying it, I won’t be able to get my content out for people to hear. And so, I clicked publish and here we are now, doing the finale episode of season four.

Learning: Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment

Throughout the year, I went through four seasons, and each season has been different. In the first season, I did mostly solo episodes and did two interviews. I set it this way because I was in a state of wanting to be comfortable with what I’m doing. And I also chose to interview two podcasters that I’m really comfortable talking with. That way, I was slowly building my confidence and doing a podcast got easier. 

In the second season, I realized how fun podcasting is. I decided to go out of my comfort zone and invite guests I don’t know. And that changed everything.

Mistake: Not Being Confident Enough

When we are doing something new, we have a tendency to procrastinate. There’s this voice inside our head that may cause you to doubt your abilities. But then, don’t let this stop you. In my case, I thought I didn’t have many listeners, which shouldn’t be important. What I’ve learned is people still listen to older episodes, so even if your podcast doesn’t have huge download numbers yet, don’t give up. Just start somewhere, and then improve as you go.

Learning: It’s Okay To Not Be Perfect

It’s natural to aim for your first episode to be perfect, but there’s a possibility that it won’t be. You can delete it, but I would recommend not to. Cringing a little bit when listening to your first episode is part of the process.

After that episode, it gets easier and more fun. For me, the interviews in season two taught me a lot. My guests were mostly fellow podcasters, and not only did I learn from them, but my aspiring podcasting listeners did too. 

At the end of season two, I’ve also come to realize that downloads don’t matter. Don’t compare your downloads to other podcasters, don’t compare yourself to others, compare yourself with your old self to be better. 

Mistake: Not Exploring Monetization Options Soon 

In season three, I realized I should have monetized my podcast more. Even if I started monetizing it at season one through offering my services, I feel like I should have done it more. In season three and four, that’s when I have really explored more on monetizing.

So for those listening now, you can monetize your podcast. Find that option that works for you, look for something that excites you. It could be uncomfortable at first, but it’ll be worth it.

Mistake: Season 4 Didn’t Go As Planned

In our last season of the year, I decided to change things a bit. Instead of doing two episodes per week, we only did one. We were quite busy working for clients, so I thought one episode would be okay. Unfortunately, in my case, it didn’t work. Download numbers were not as good as when I did two episodes a week. I don’t know if this is really a mistake, but it is definitely a learning experience, at least for me and my audience. I think two episodes a week works better.

Looking Forward To Season Five…

I’ve learned so much in the four seasons of The Podcast Babes. I made mistakes and learned at the same time. And these are exactly what I need to improve myself and the podcast for the coming season.

In season five, I’m happy to announce that I’ll be going back to the format that worked for me, and that is having two episodes in a week. I’ll be doing interviews, wherein you’ll learn from the guest. And in the second episode of the week, I’ll be sharing to you my insights and learnings from that interview.

And as I look forward to a new season, I intend to plan better. A mistake I also committed in season four was I didn’t plan enough. So this time, I’m taking a step back to really plan. It might be a longer wait than usual, but doing so will give me more time to provide you with better and exciting content. 

Season Five will launch on the first Monday of January! Watch out for the guests I have in line for you! But while waiting, I’ll still be re-releasing some of the key episodes we had in the previous seasons. That way, you’ll still be getting valuable content that can help you in your podcasting journey. We’ve had seventy episodes in the four seasons of The Podcast Babes, it’s been crazy fun! And I’m looking forward to creating more for you.

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