Being A Pro Podcast Guest; Tips & Tricks To Be The Best Guest Possible

Podcasting has been booming these days! And that is fantastic news to us podcasters. People get to know more about us, and our reach becomes wider. 

On that note, we’re always in for expanding our network and monetizing our podcast. So how else can we do that? By guesting on someone else’s podcast.

Being a podcast guest is fun! And it’s also strategic. Guesting in another podcasters’ platform allows you to reach an untapped audience and bring value not only to you but their audience and their podcast as well.

In this episode, we’ll go into all my tips and tricks on how to be the best podcast guest possible!

Choosing The Right Podcast

As honorable as being a guest may sound, you can’t just guest on any podcast. You need to be strategic. You need to choose a podcast that resonates with your brand or your target market. This way, the audience is engaged and interested in your topic. A very effective way to grow your podcast.

As a guest you should aim to bring in valuable content to your listeners and also practice unspoken etiquette. And how do you do that? Let me dive into it for you.

If You Pitch, Be Specific

One way to be a podcast guest is through reaching out to other podcasters and offering to be their guest. However, when you do, make sure to be specific. You can’t just pitch to any podcast, choose the right podcast that works for you and your potential host. In my case, my audience are podcasters. Thus, I look for guests and I guest on podcasts that bring value to my niche.

Listen To Your Potential Hosts’ Podcast

This gives you an idea as to what their podcast is all about. You get to have a peek at their interviewing style and somehow know if you’re going to be a good match. The podcast host will also appreciate you making an effort to get to know them through listening to their podcast. 

Give Them A Shout Out

When you’re invited to be a guest, one way to promote the podcast is giving a shout out on social media platforms. By simply posting an upcoming podcast, allows your audience and their audience to be aware of it. Your audience can check their profile, and their audience can check yours.

Practice Good Etiquette

You will never go wrong with good etiquette. This shows professionalism and it can also build good relationships. For podcasting, there are a few things you can do. First, be on time and stay in a quiet place during recording. Make sure your environment is conducive for an interview. This will help your podcast host a lot.

Next is to know your host and their audience. Ask questions before the recording, to learn more and to help you answer their questions during the recording. And as I’ve already mentioned, listen to a previous episode. In short, be prepared.

Another is, in answering questions, be a good story teller. Be fun, don’t overthink but answer in a way that you touch the exact answer to the question and elaborate when needed. Also, avoid swearing. It might be okay for some people, but it can also offend others.

And finally, the most important thing is to connect with the podcast host even after the recording. Be connected and be in the know when the episode goes live. Be aware and promote the podcast you guested on on your social media platforms. A win-win situation for you and your host.


When I started podcasting, I originally thought of just producing solo episodes. But, I discovered having guests is not only fun, it also brings so much value. The topics you talk about with your guests and the perspective it brings your audience becomes more interesting. Not to mention, you get to grow your podcast and expand your network through being a guest.

Always remember, you are representing your brand. Being a perfect podcast guest reflects your values as a podcaster. 

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