Becky Feigin Shares All About Her Podcast Journey, from ‘If She Did It’s’ Surprising Start to Now

Becky Feigin has 109 podcast episodes under her belt and she is carefully crafting her next move thanks to everything she’s learned. She’s found her rhythm and pace, whether with guests or in solo episodes. 

To Becky, podcasting is all about nurturing connections with followers in her circle so that they can learn from her insights around business strategy and coaching. 

In this episode, Becky tells us all about how she accidentally launched her podcast and what she’s learned along the way.

About Becky Feigin

Becky Feigin started her business in 2018, focusing on social media management. By April 2019, she had found her niche in the business coaching world. Now, she’s focused on providing new and aspiring coaches find their target clients and understand their business strategy, with a special passion for inspiring and empowering women who are creating their dream life by starting their businesses. She’s also the creator and host of the If She Did It Podcast.

In this episode

[1:20] The origin story of Becky’s podcast, If She Did It, how she named it, why she waited to start it – and how she accidentally surprise-launched it weeks before she planned to

[4:02] What was the plan for the podcast from content to format?

[5:53] Expectations and reality don’t always line up when starting a podcast – especially for the first season

[6:29] Becky shares some unexpected positive surprises

[8:41] Podcasting as lead nurturing, not lead generation

[10:27] The strategy behind how Becky’s podcast topics and her business goals and products overlap

[11:57] How podcasting and social media overlap in Becky’s content creation into a circle that all flows together

[13:54] Becky’s strategy for email lead generation and nurturing

[14:50] At 109 episodes in, how Becky has grown and developed from her lessons learned in podcasting: Don’t be too stiff and pre-planned!

[19:33] What’s coming next from Becky? More great episodes (If She Did It podcast)

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