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Award Winning Podcaster Sydney Weiss

February 15, 2021

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How awesome would it be to win an award for your podcast? 

Sydney Weiss is a lawyer and award-winning podcaster who is joining me because I had to ask her, how did she win an award for her podcast? Her answer shocked me and I bet it’ll be a surprise to you, too. The best part? It’s totally doable! Tune in to today’s episode to learn how she did it and the tips she’s learned about podcasting along the way.

In this episode:

  • [4:48] Why a lawyer began a podcast focused on growth and empowerment
  • [7:33] What Sydney has learned since starting her podcast 3 years ago and how that knowledge has transformed her show
  • [10:57] A piece of advice Sydney has for new podcasters
  • [12:51] Becoming a better interviewer
  • [16:36] How to build rapport with a guest you don’t know personally
  • [18:50] How saying ‘yes’ led to an award for the Seek The Joy podcast
  • [22:25] Why Sydney created the sister podcast, Stories Of Inspiring Joy
  • [29:06] What Sydney has learned in the last three years that she recommends NOT to do
  • [30:50] Should you have an intro call with guests who are strangers before the interview?
  • [32:25] How 2020 is shaping the future of Seek The Joy podcast
  • [38:15] The episode of Seek The Joy that you need to listen to right now

About Sydney

Sydney Weiss is a lawyer and the creator, host, and producer of Seek The Joy Podcast, your go-to podcast for heartfelt storytelling and conversations on all things self-love, joy, connection, wellness and spirituality.

Sydney’s greatest mission is to uplift and empower others to find their authentic voice, encourage them to step into their vulnerability and courage, all to seek their joy and bring about greater healing. Through Seek The Joy, she’s been able to do just that. Inspired by our ongoing journey toward growth, empowerment, and self-love, every episode offers a fresh perspective, “aha!” moments, laughs, and stories and wisdom that will stick with you throughout the week.

In 2020, Sydney launched Stories of Inspiring Joy, a new space dedicated to sharing your stories, in your words. There is real power in storytelling, and when we come together around shared love, loss, laughter, joy and vulnerability, we build connection, create inspiration, and come together in community. We all have a story to share and a voice that is meant to be heard, and we want to share yours.

Connect with Sydney

Looking for some new ideas to promote your podcast?

Would you have thought about submitting your podcast to a film festival like Sydney did to get exposure for your show? In tomorrow’s episode, I have some other unique ideas to grow your audience that a lot of other podcasters aren’t doing yet. Check out the episode here (after February 9).

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