Why The Numbers Don’t Matter In Podcasting And How To Keep Going with Serena Dodd - Podcast

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Why The Numbers Don’t Matter In Podcasting And How To Keep Going with Serena Dodd

May 17, 2021

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The success of your podcast doesn’t depend on the number of downloads you have. Podcasters focus so much on their stats and when the numbers aren’t where they want them to be, it can mean a quick slide into the podcast graveyard. This is really unfortunate because you can have a monetized podcast with only 1 listener.

My guest today, Serena Dodd, has two podcasts and she is here to share her insights from her podcasting journey, why she decided to start a second podcast, and how to keep going even when the numbers aren’t what you wanted.  

In this episode:

  • [6:45] Getting comfortable on the mic and how to have natural sounding conversations as a podcast host
  • [10:27] Why Serena felt called to launch a second podcast and how she balances the workload of two podcasts
  • [14:09] The key to being identified as a credible podcaster by listeners
  • [19:33] The (un)importance of vanity metrics in podcasting and what is more important instead
  • [25:11] Maintaining momentum even when the downloads aren’t what you hoped for
  • [32:21] Serena’s advice for becoming a successful podcaster

About Serena

Serena Dodd is a life coach who helps other life coaches start and build their businesses. After struggling with doubts and distractions, she realized the best way forward was to be simple. From her approach, to her niche, to her content. 

Serena created the First 50 Programme for Life Coaches because she understands the struggles and wants this process to be as clear and straightforward for other coaches building their businesses as it was for her. The First 50 Programme builds structure, increases confidence, and provides accountability. All in FIVE simple steps.

Connect with Serena

How can you measure the growth of your podcast if downloads don’t matter?

Time and time again, I’ve mentioned on this podcast that downloads don’t determine how successful your podcast is. This is really clear with Serena’s two podcasts that have completely different download stats because they have different topics and audiences, but both are quite successful. 

Don’t worry, though, because I’ve got you covered. Tune in to tomorrow’s episode to learn what is the best way to measure your podcast’s growth and how to accelerate that growth.

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