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When And How To Relaunch Your Podcast with Monica Tanner

March 8, 2021

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I honestly believe there is no downside to relaunching your podcast. Whether you have taken an extended break, lost a co-host, or are celebrating a new season, relaunching your podcast is a great way to drive new traffic to your show.

Today, I’m talking with Monica Tanner, host of On The Brighter Side Of Marriage podcast, about her recent relaunch that led her to become ranked #4 in her category on Apple Podcasts. Tune in to hear all of the relaunch strategy tips that got her there!

In this episode:

[1:13] Why Monica decided to relaunch her podcast

[4:10] Monica’s relaunch strategy 

[5:58] How to use launch partners to boost your relaunch exposure

[7:27] Tips to becoming a #4 category-ranked podcast

[9:33] Monica’s biggest lesson from her podcast journey

[15:05] How to convert listeners into clients

[19:32] Monica’s podcast promotion strategy for social media

[20:45] Are you boring your email subscribers by only talking about your podcast?

[25:44] Should you confirm interview questions with your guests in advance?

About Monica

Monica Tanner is married to her best friend, boss mom to 4 small humans, weekly podcaster at On the Brighter Side ~Marriage For Entrepreneurs, and a relationship and intimacy Sexpert. So she gets it. Entrepreneurship and marriage are HARD…they both take work.

Monica helps Passionate Entrepreneurs who are building or scaling their business stay happily married by up-leveling their commitment, communication, and connection skills. Her goal is to help you create a marriage that supports your business and a business that supports your marriage through her signature, proven system called Training in the Art of Sexpionage.

Connect with Monica

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Are you thinking about relaunching your podcast?

A relaunch is as valuable to your podcast as the original launch. In the next episode, I’ll be discussing some of my favorite methods to capitalize on your relaunch to boost your exposure, downloads, and ranking. Check out the episode here.

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