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Using Instagram To Grow Your Podcast

November 30, 2020

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You’re using Instagram to promote your podcast but are you using it to grow your podcast? They aren’t necessarily the same thing and simply posting a promo graphic about your new episode may not be enough to get more listeners. 

In this episode, I will give you some of my favorite tips and tricks for converting your Instagram followers to podcast listeners. Let’s jump in!


Tip 1 – Include a call-to-action

Any time you post about your podcast on social media, you need to include a call-to-action (CTA) at the end of the post directing your followers to where they can listen to your show. When creating a promotional post, start with teasing the topic of the episode and explaining the problem you are going to solve for them. Finish the post by telling them where they can go to listen to the episode, which should be the link in your bio. 

When you show your followers exactly what pain point your episode will resolve for them and clearly state where they can listen to all this valuable information, you will more likely convert followers to listeners.

Tip 2 – Utilize all of the Instagram content formats  

Reels, stories, feed, IGTV. Instagram has so many places you can promote your podcast. It’s good to use all of them because different people like to consume different types of content. However, if you are promoting your podcast on your business profile, it’s best to select one or two format types per episode so your followers aren’t overwhelmed with podcast posts. 

Every Monday when my episode goes live, I post something on Instagram. One week it could be an audiogram, which is a graphic with an enticing audio snippet from the episode. Make sure to include captions with the audiogram because many people scroll their feed without sound and there are others who are hearing impaired. Without captions, they won’t know what you’re saying.

The next week, I may post a promotional graphic with bullet points of the episode highlights. Later in the week, I’ll usually post something to my stories to capture that audience. This could be a quote card or maybe a quick video I make talking about the episode. This video could also be used for my reels. 

Another great thing to do is to share your episode from Spotify with your stories. This way, with one click, someone can start listening to your episode. Lowering the barrier of entry for listeners is so beneficial and something I strongly encourage you to do. 

Tip 3 – Promote old episodes

Each week, I typically post three times about my podcast. Two are about my new episode and one is about an older one. If the new episode topic does not resonate with a follower, you’re also presenting a different topic that they may be more interested in learning about. 

The cool thing about podcasting is that once an episode is live, it’s out there forever. So please make use of that and regularly post about your older episodes and direct new traffic to your old content.

I hope this was helpful and gave you some new ideas on how to use Instagram to grow your podcast. After you’ve finished listening to this episode, head over to my friend Tia’s podcast, Unscripted Conversations, and get some entrepreneurial inspiration from her Save For The Fun Stuff episode.

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