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Podcasting becomes so much easier (and more fun) when you see your impact and audience growing!

Are you spending a lot of time on your podcast, but not seeing results?

Right now, you are investing so much time and energy into creating podcast content. You're busy thinking about new content, recording episodes, editing, writing show notes, scheduling everything. And then it starts all over again for the next episode. What do you get in return?

Your podcast has huge potential to get your voice heard, make an impact, and even extra income. Do you want to muddle through and keep investing time without any return on investment? Or are you ready to start using this podcast as a part of your business instead of a hobby?

✨ Are you struggling to get clear on your goals for your podcast?
✨Are you wondering why your podcast is not the lead generation machine it can be?
✨ Is it time to make this podcast work for you instead of doing this
'for fun'?
✨ Are you ready for an additional income stream?

I got you! This podcast strategy session is for you.

is this you?

Book a podcast strategy session

Have a simple and clear podcast strategy

Monetize and grow with a few simple, strategic tweaks

making an impact and an income with your podcast

doing all the things to desperately get more listeners

putting in a lot of work

podcasting for fun


Go from

You know what the most fun part of podcasting is for me? The impact you can make on people's lives! That doesn't happen when you release random content, whenever you feel like it. In order to make a real impact, on as many people as possible, you need a plan.

I want to help you make that plan!

Making an impact on your listeners can be very different for every podcast. Some podcasts exist to inspire, some to educate, others for entertainment. There's no right or wrong, it just depends on the goal you have with your podcast. That's also why I wouldn't recommend to focus blindly on audience growth. First you need to know how you can make that impact for your listeners.

I'm just podcasting for fun...

In your podcast strategy session, we will take a deep dive into your podcast goals, ambitions, and plans. Our first priority is to make sure you have a solid foundation for your podcast, before you start to focus on getting new listeners and growing your audience. We really start at step 1.

Right now, you are investing so much time and energy into creating podcast content. By implementing a few tweaks and tips, you can make a bigger impact on the audience you already have, without having to find new listeners. This is the easiest way to make your podcast worth the effort.

Don't worry, I understand that you want to impact as many people as possible. A podcast is perfect for that! So after defining a solid foundation for your podcast, we will come up with clear steps to grow your audience continuously.

I’m here to help you get clarity on the best way to make an impact with your podcast

You see podcasting as a hobby.

You want to create your own podcast strategy, but you need some help on how to do that.

You want to monetize your podcast (now or eventually).

You are serious about your podcast.

This is for you if:

This is not for you if:

You want as many listeners as possible, because it makes you feel important.

You want a done-for-you podcast strategy (in this session we will create the strategy TOGETHER!).

I couldn't find a job where I could use all my skills, talent, and creativity. So I decided to create my own perfect job.

Now, I use my MBA to create podcast strategies. I use my creativity in audio editing. I use my love for writing when I write shownotes. And I end work days at the beach, because I can work from Bali or anywhere else in the world.

I help podcasters to use their podcast in a strategic way in their business, so they have leads coming in continuously and make passive income, without overwhelm or exhaustion.

Hi! I'm Anne,
CEO of The Podcast Babes.


"having a clear strategy makes podcasting so much easier"

Your podcast strategy session consists of 1 half-day meeting through Zoom (usually we need about 3 hours). Before the meeting, you will fill out a form so I can come prepared. We will dive deep into your podcast and come up with clear steps to take towards your goals.

Goal setting, podcast growth, monetization, tech-stuff, community building... We talk about it all. I will come up with specific tips before the meeting, but you also get the opportunity to ask any question you have. No question will go unanswered.

After this session, you will:
☑️ Have clear goals for your podcast 
☑️ Have clarity around the place your podcast has in your business or the other way around
☑️ Know your next step in making your podcast profitable and impactful.
☑️ Not feel overwhelmed with all the options there are when it comes to growing your podcast.

Book your podcast strategy session from $997 now for only $397 USD!

What's included:

$397 USD.

Note: this is a temporary  price for December - prices will go up in January, so don't wait too long.

Book your strategy session now

stop guessing,
start strategizing


No problem, we will figure out together on which areas of podcast you can focus on. I will ask you questions about you and your podcast to make sure we come up with a clear path, so you don't feel lost anymore.

I don't have any questions, I just don't know what I'm doing

It's a half-day strategy session. Usually we will need about 3-4 hours to get to the bottom of your podcast strategy. Don't worry, we'll take a break if you need one.

If you are in a different timezone than me, which makes it impossible to do the whole session in one go, we'll schedule 2 sessions on consecutive days.

How long is the strategy session?

Important to know: this strategy session is custom made for you! You can ask any question you have.

However, I would recommend to start at the beginning and talk about your goals, wishes, mission etc. After that, we will talk about the exact steps you need to take to get your podcast to the next level. No more guesswork, we will create a clear path for you to grow your podcast.

What will we discuss in the strategy session?

Ongoing support is not included in this offer. Are you looking for ongoing support? Send me an email at and I will send you a custom proposal.

Do you provide ongoing support?

I will not provide notes after the session. During the session, you will have enough time to make your own notes. You're also welcome to record the Zoom meeting, so you can re-watch the session.

Will I get notes after the session?

Yes, you are welcome to book a session. We will focus on your podcast strategy, but I can also give you a few tips on how to launch the podcast.

Please note that we will NOT create an in-depth launch strategy for your podcast, it's really about the podcast strategy itself (think show format, content, promotion, etc.).

Can I book a strategy session if I don't have a podcast yet?