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Podcasting From A Place Of Flow Instead Of Strategy with Melissa Ronda

January 25, 2021

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Before starting a new podcast, most podcasters attempt to plan out every last detail. Sometimes to a fault. That’s not the way Melissa Ronda did it, though.  Since the beginning of her top 15 weight loss podcast, Melissa has had no strategic plan for her show. 

As someone who champions podcast strategy, I was super curious as to how Melissa was able to make it to 200+ episodes with no strategy. Check out today’s episode of The Podcast Babes Podcast to learn how she did it.

What we talk about in this episode: 

  • [1:36] How Melissa’s tough past led her to podcasting
  • [7:45] Why having a solo show format resonates better with Melissa’s audience
  • [9:47] The two things that allowed Melissa’s podcast to be successful without having a show strategy
  • [13:55] Finding inspiration from your favorite brands
  • [16:59] Becoming a top 15 weight loss podcast without having a strategy
  • [21:55] The number one priority that Melissa is focusing on to move into the top 10
  • [26:29] The pros and cons of editing your own podcast
  • [33:40] The one strategy tip Melissa wishes she would have implemented when beginning her podcast

About Melissa

Melissa Ronda is a life-changing mentor who teaches ambitious women how to shrink their waistlines and raise their standards through her community, courses, academy, and Top 15 podcast, Bad Bitches Losing Weight.

Since overcoming her own addictions, obesity, toxic relationships, and poverty, she’s been obsessed with helping women who “haven’t had it easy” turn their adversity into their biggest asset in creating extraordinary lives, bodies, and financial freedom on their own terms.

She does this by leveraging her proprietary system for persona curation, psychology-driven coaching tools, and neuroscience-backed habit-forming practices to transform everyday women into certifiable smoke shows who make all the money and turn all the heads.

​Connect with Melissa

Trying to figure out what show format works best for your podcast?

In the next episode, I’m going to be talking about how to identify the best show format for your podcast without needing a structured podcast strategy. I’ll be sharing the method I used to find my show format and how to determine what your audience likes. Check out the episode here.

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