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Out of the box ways to promote your podcast

January 5, 2021

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Every podcaster posts on social media about new episodes and go check it out here. For me that’s the standard promotion of your podcast. In this episode, I will not be talking about that, but really about the extra things you can do. 

I believe that if you really want to grow your podcast, posting on social media is not enough. There are ways to get new listeners without having to grow your Instagram or grow your LinkedIn network or anything like that. Listen in to find out how to promote your podcast in other ways!

Ps. In this new season of The Podcast Babes Podcast, we have an interview and a solo episode every week. So if you haven’t listened to the interview of this week that came out yesterday, go do that first and then come back to this one. That way you know exactly what I’m talking about!

Using your book to promote your podcast

I’m a huge fan of content repurposing, I think that is always a good idea because you just make life easier. In the episode 1 of this season, I talked to Tam about using a book to promote your podcast. And the other way around using your podcast to promote your book, and getting people from your book to your podcast and from your podcast to your book. That really sparked my interest! That is why I wanted to do this episode today, because I want to talk about more out of the box ways to promote your podcast. 

Just to clarify, one out of the box way that came out of the interview, was to cross promote your book and your podcast. For example, if you write a book, don’t forget to mention that you have a podcast and where people can find it. 

That is important, because when people read your book, they’ve got to know you a little bit. They know what you’re talking about, and if they want more, you can offer them free content by sending them to your podcast. But also the other way around. If people listen to your podcast, and they’re like, “oh, wow, I would love to take the next step towards working with this person”, they can then buy a book and start reading and get more info about the topic you talk about. 

Using a book like that is not something that many podcasters do, so I see that as an out-of-the-box way to promote your podcast. For today’s episode, I came up with some other ways that I see working really well. 

Link your podcast to your freebies

First of all, I think it’s really important to link your podcast to a freebie that you offer. For example, I offer an ebook as a freebie that people can download for free on my website, in exchange for their email address. In that ebook, one of the pages is basically an ad for my podcast. It’s just a picture of me podcasting, saying: “Do you want more podcasts tips? Listen to my podcast here.” The cool thing about an ebook is that you can actually link to your podcast page on your website. So that is what I did. 

Once people read this ebook, I hope they will be extremely excited about my content and be like, “Oh, my God, where can I find more?” That’s the goal, at least. So then if I send them to my podcast, I have so many episodes to binge listen and get to know me better. After reading what I have to say, they can now actually hear my voice, get to know me just a little bit better by taking that next step. 

You can do this with any freebie that you have. Some people have a free mini course, just tell your students that you also have a podcast and they can check it out for free. And don’t forget to explain why they should go over to your podcast. So just say that you have more tips on your topic and that your podcast is a way to get that content for free.

Be a guest on other podcasts

A really important opportunity that many podcasters forget about is being a guest on other people’s podcasts. First of all, I think it’s fun. It’s a cool way to connect with other podcasters to chat and to get to know them a little bit. But also, it is pretty easy. You can just go on the interview, you can tell your story, and then after the interview it’s done. The podcast host will then edit the podcast, write the show notes, do all the techie stuff, basically do all the work. 

Very important note: promote the podcast when you are a guest on it! I see some people forget that, and it’s such a waste of a good interview, so do promote it. 

Being a guest on other people’s podcasts is a really good way to get some more eyes on your own podcast as well. So actively seek out opportunities like this. I message people really regularly on Instagram or on Facebook groups when I think that I would be a good fit or that I can share my knowledge with their audience. I just message the host and say, “Hey, I was just wondering, are you taking guest applications? Because I would love to tell your audience about XYZ.” Sometimes they say no, sometimes they ghost you. But sometimes they say yes, and that is a lot of fun. 

So when you are on someone’s podcast, don’t forget to mention that you have your own podcast. Say the name of your podcast out loud, and then ask the host to link in the show notes where they can find your podcast. The thing why this works so well, is that people are already listening to a podcast. The listener is already in their podcast app, they are already listening to a podcast. It’s such a small step to just listen to the next episode, and then that episode will be yours. So that is definitely a good tip if you want to tap into a new audience for your podcast.

Newsletter swap

That brings me to the last out-of-the-box way to promote your podcast. That is: other people’s newsletters. I think it is super cool to do some kind of shout-out or swap, and share someone else’s content in your newsletter. Of course you also ask this person to share your content. I don’t see many people do this, but why not? It’s not like people listen to only one episode, or one podcast. So I would say: tap into other people’s audiences this way. Give other people the opportunity to do the same with your audience. 

Combining all of these ways to promote your podcast will really make a difference in how you grow your listeners. That is just what I wanted to share with you today! 

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