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Monetize your podcast

Monetize Your Podcast By Offering A Membership with Claire Gosteli

March 1, 2021

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The most common question I get from clients is ‘how can I monetize my podcast’? Podcasting requires a lot of effort and we all want to see a healthy ROI from our time and energy.  

Claire Gosteli from Guavabean has done an incredible job of building a community around her business and podcast. In this episode, she shares with us how she monetized her podcast using both paid and free community resources. Tune in to hear her tips!

In this episode:

[3:53] Why Claire picked podcasting as the way to connect with her audience

[7:15] Claire’s tip for consistently putting out new podcast content

[9:11] How to balance regular client work while also batch-producing content for your own business

[10:46] Monetizing your podcast through online courses and memberships

[14:33] Incentivizing followers to move from free to paid content

[17:11] Has Claire found it easier to sell her online course or monthly membership?

[19:03] A breakdown of the three different Guavabean membership levels 

[22:50] Why Claire picked Patreon after trying other membership platforms

[25:19] Claire’s favorite episode of the Guavabean podcast

About Claire

Claire is a freelance Facebook ads manager and the founder of Guavabean, an online community for freelancers. When she first started Guavabean three years ago, being a freelancer was not too common and she struggled to find the support she needed to grow her business and network. So she created her own community to fill the gap. Her content is centered around providing both business development education and social support in an industry that can feel pretty isolated.

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Not sure which monetization method is right for you?

Whether you are a newbie or a veteran podcaster, you can monetize your podcast. In the next episode, I’ll be discussing some of my favorite methods for monetization, including one that you can do starting with your very first episode. Check out the episode here.

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